How does the real women look like?

How does the real women look like?

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Ladies, time to take a stand. It looks like discussion on how real woman should look like will never end. I highly recommend for you to go to today’s   post

or here

, and have a look at this lovely lady photo. She is awesome. Now, this is how real woman looks like. We come in many size and shapes, heights and body types. Please do not put us into one box. Do not compare us. Do not criticize. We are who we are and we are proud of it.


There are haters out there and always will be. We can’t change it. Now hear me out, dear hater, everyone;


Real woman are gorgeous.

Real woman have curves

Real woman have stretch marks

Real woman have loose skin

Real woman have a big butt

Real woman have abs

We are real women.


Women come in all sizes, shapes, because we are real and we are proud.


We are real!

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