Homemade Raspberry Sorbet

Homemade Raspberry Sorbet

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Springtime is very frustrating time of the year for me. It is getting warmer, which is brilliant. More sun, more long days, more time playing with my kids outside. Yes, all of it it’s perfect. I am truly thankful but I can’t wait for fresh fruits straight from a garden.

Few years ago we have decided to start growing our own fruits and veggies with big success. Kids love picking them up and eat in the garden. So am I. It will be still few more months before we can enjoy that.

raspberry sorbet momsfitnessheaven

During spring season, I am using frozen fruits to make delicious desserts for whole family. This Sunday was particularly hot so my choice was obvious. Homemade raspberries sorbet. I had bag of frozen raspberries in the freezer and it was really what I needed to create this masterpiece.

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– 5 cups of frozen raspberries

– 1 cup of water

– 1,5 cup of icing sugar

– Vanilla extract

– 1-2tablespoons of lemon juice

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  • Put water and frozen raspberries into blender. Blend them together until smooth and there is no chunks of fruits left
  • Add icing sugar, vanilla extract and lemon juice into your raspberries. Blend all together
  • Ready sorbets serve immediately. Decorate with frozen raspberries and fresh mint

You can store it in a freezer


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It is amazing dessert not just for sunny day. I like to have a raspberry sorbet with homemade vanilla cheesecake. It is perfect combination.


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