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The path to happiness could be on your plate. Dear ladies, how many times you felt sleepy after Christmas dinner, energized after mocha latte and really happy after chocolate?


Food is powerful. Dear moms, our life is hard anyway with all the responsibilities, daily tasks, and all that chaos. I say, lets eat our way to happy mood but not with junk food or sweets. The smart way is our way.

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Mood-boosting food is great way of lowering stress and anxiety without reaching for antidepressants. Certain foods have been proven to making positive changes to the brain. Food can be a great way to naturally produce serotonin – “happy hormone”.

It is no secret that eating certain food will make you feel good when others may leave you depressed.


Ladies, I am going to share with you list of best mood improving food. They are healthy, weight-loss friendly and will make you feel ‘happy bunny’.


Here is list of 10 best happy mood foods:


  1. Dark chocolate – can work miracles. It has been proven that dark chocolate contain resveratrol – antioxidant, which increases production of endorphins and serotonin.
  2. Fruits and vegetables – switching refined sugar found in processed food for healthy nutrients from fruit and vegetables is easy way to boost serotonin levels. Just put here and there healthy fresh snack like apple, berries, celery, carrot and your body will feel light and mind happy.
  3. Fish – like salmon, halibut.
  4. Eggs
  5. Mushrooms – great source of vitamin D.
  6. Apples – they contain quercetin – antioxidant, a powerful mind-boosting substance. There is another thing; they also reduce inflammation, so, yes!! Slimmer body and more happy days. Apples help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety and they can stop erratic moods (result of low blood sugar). So from today include snack apple in your daily eating routine.
  7. Oranges – they not only can boost your brain health but also have hydrating powers and will keep your fluids balanced. No more dehydration which is proven to be the biggest cause of mood swings, headaches and hunger.

oranges momsfitnessheaven8. Oats – first of all they are the best source of crabs you can eat. Think of them as vitamin and mineral bomb. Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, fibber, protein – all in one. The best food to reduce anxiety, prevent depression and keep you happy.

happy mood food momsfitnessheaven39. Coconut – lauric acid and MCT’s are two coconut ingredients that will help to detoxify body, boost brain health, and improve brain function.

coconuts momsfitnessheaven10.Kale – pact with magnesium which makes kale a number one antidepressant food ever. Eating it will improve mood, prevent depression and lower anxiety. So, as from today add handful of kale to every smoothie. You will feel amazing.


There are only 10 in here, and they are proven to have strongest result. Don’t just stop at them. Any fresh fruit and veggie is good for you. Try to eat more of them every day.

If you want to feel good most of the time you need to boost your brain by eating right food.

happy mood food momsfitnessheaven


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