Get Your Perfect Booty

Get Your Perfect Booty

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Can you still remember how amazing your butt was while you were pregnant? I absolutely loved mine. Even though there was belly huge as watermelon in front of me, my butt was perfect.

Things have changed a little since birth. I have lost a lot of water, fat and a few weeks later my butt looked a little saggy. What a disappointment.

Because i am not a huge fan of traditional squats or lunges I used some variations and modifications.

I have put together time saving, instance, effective and safe after childbirth butt workout. In no time it will be back to” sexy behind”.

Here is what I have done;

  • I have changed my eating habits- lighter and fresher
  • I drank more home made fruit water
  • I did 10 minutes daily of butt exercises
  • Each set 3 times
  • Each exercise 30 seconds
  • As many as I could in that time

Day 1

-wall sit with leg extension

– side lunges




Day 2

– tip-toes

– donkey kick

– jump squat

– back kick


Day 3 

–  jump squat

– burpees

– wall sit

– pistol squat


Day 4

– jump squat

– side leg lift

– low squat side walk

– squat – side leg lift

Here is your first 4 days. If you want more keep following blog as there is more of this workout to come.

 Wall sitwall sit moms fitness heaven



Side lunges


tip- toe squat– lit your heels of the ground. You are standing on the tip of your toes.


Donkey kick






Side leg lift


Pistol squat



Also try some exercises with resistance. More in here;


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