Get Fit Before Baby

Get Fit Before Baby


Just wondering how many of you moms and moms to be have decided to get fitter before getting pregnant?

Before I got pregnant with my daughter I have decided to get fitter. Not to lose weight, but to get fit. My journey to fitter, leaner world took me a whole year. What a fun year it was.

At the end of it I had, in my opinion perfect body; lean, proportional with my dreamed six pack.

Yes, my six-pack was gone during pregnancy and it literally broke my heart watching it disappear at the time.

It was ok, as belly was slim again soon after I had my baby girl.
Why so fast?

I know many ladies think that preparing their bodies before pregnancy is not important. You think that you will deal with all that post baby body damage after baby arrival. That is a huge mistake. Here is why you should get fit and stay fit during pregnancy.


Building muscles especially in your problem zones will save you a lot of time and hard work later. Not just that. It will take much longer for that muscle body part to be covered with fat.

Secondly, muscle mass will support your burning process after having the baby. In other words, all that muscles you are going to get before pregnancy will speed up burning, fat killing, and causing your metabolism to speed up. You will get your dream body back much sooner than you think.

Muscles will make pregnancy easier. You will be able to achieve more, will be less tired and recover faster.

Your baby bump will be cute and tiny.

Labour will be faster. Will you believe that it took me only two hours to deliver my baby girl and 1.5 h to deliver my boy. (We are talking here from first contraction ever to the moment they were born).

You will heal faster after labour too.

FACT! During pregnancy even if you are fit and active you will lose your muscle mass really fast.

It is important to get your base strong and solid before pregnancy so you can bounce back faster.



Mistake number one made by 90% of pregnant women is to stop exercising the moment the discovered two blue lines on pregnancy test.

I understand it. You may be scared that something may happen to the baby.

As long as your pregnancy have not been flagged by midwife or a doctor as “red zone” or “high risk” you are ok.

Rule number 1

Exercise during pregnancy even up to your due date. Change exercise impact, intensity and options based on how far you are.

Rule number 2

Do only exercises and trainings that you have performed at least 4-5 months prior pregnancy.

You are not allowed to start new exercises or fitness classes during pregnancy. Stick to something your body is familiar with.

Rule number 3

Fuel your body properly during pregnancy workouts. Take snacks with you and drink plenty.

Rule number 4

Do not try to beat your records in anything. All exercises should be lighter, without putting your body under a lot of stress.

Exercising during pregnancy will make you bounce back much quicker.


Did you know that regular exercise can reduce your pregnancy cravings?

Staying fit before and during pregnancy means fuelling your body properly too. Low fat, low sugar and high protein eating is a must in order to give you energy to recover and rebuild.

Once you will learn that base (eating and proper snacking) before baby, it will stick with you forever. Eating smart during pregnancy will guarantee after you had your baby;

– less body fat
– faster recovery
– more energy
– less sleepiness and tiredness
– better mood
– leaner, fitter body
– happier and healthier baby
– less weight on scale
– easier post pregnancy fat and weight loss
– lower blood pressure
– lower risk of diabetes
– and more

Here are few tips for getting fit before baby;

1. Plan. Determine when you would like to start trying for a baby and 6-12 months prior that, start exercising. Use one of my workouts. Make sure it is something you are going to enjoy.
2. Exercise regularly minimum 3 times a week
3. Focus on building muscles
4. Stay away from a bathroom scale. Use measuring tape instead or check on your clothes.
5. Stop smoking, drugs, drinking, sodas, fast foods or any other bad of your habits 9 months before conceiving.
6. Cardio based exercise is the right one. Don’t waste your time on treadmill. Get effective. Try HIIT based exercises instead.
7. Eat like athlete now. Feed your muscles


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