Fruits and Veggies to Avoid When Losing Weight

Fruits and Veggies to Avoid When Losing Weight



Most people think that they are heaving healthy diet, but once you look closer, the dark truth comes up.


On their menu is plenty of food that on the surface looks healthy, fresh, unprocessed, but deep inside they may hide lots of sugar, fat and calories.


We eat them (sometimes focusing mainly on them during weight loss period) thinking; yes, I am doing so great, my weight will drop in no time.


Unfortunately, your weight is either dropping slowly or is stuck at the same level. What do you do wrong then?


Main reason may be your fruit choices. I have to confess, during my second pregnancy I craved for peaches, bananas and apricots.

I could eat up to 1 kg of fruits daily. That is 2.2 pounds. I put a lot of weight on. That is a lot and my menu was pretty much packed only with fruits and veggies.


Healthy, clean eating allows you unlimited access to fruits and veggies. True. They are amazing source of vitamins, minerals, water and fiber. But…do you know there are fruits and vegetables that are really high in sugar, calories and fat?


Yes, it is true.


Remember, despite the fact that they are nutritious, they may cause problem when you try to lose weight.

It would be better for you to limit their consumption, so you can reach your weight loss goal quicker.

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10 not so light and healthy fruits and vegetables



  1. Mangos – they are high in sugar and have more calories than other fruits.


1 cup of mangos contains 22.5 grams sugar 0.77oz



  1. Pineapples – similar to mango, pineapples are packed with sugar. Also high in calories.


1 cup of pineapples- 16.3 g of sugar and 84 calories


  1. Raisins– high in sugar and calories. Because they are dry, they are low in water.


1 cup of raisins- 493 calorie     98g sugar     130.6 g carbs



  1. Avocados – they are delicious, nutritious fruit, but at the same time they are high in fats (good fats) and calories


1 cup of avocado – 384 calories   35.4 g of fat    20 g carbs


  1. Sweet potato – they taste good, smell good, look good too and are dietary option for many people out there


1 cup of sweet potato – 250 calories     30.1 g carbs



  1. Grapes– 104 calories 27.3g carbs 23.4 g sugar


  1. Figs – 1 fig is 47 calories 12.3 g carbs  10.4 g sugar

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  1. Bananas – 1 cup of banana – 134 calories 34.3 g carbs 18.3 g sugar


  1. Dates


  1. Tangerines



7 fruits and vegetables Low in calories;



  1. Apples


2. Blueberries


3. Raspberries

maliny n

4. Blackberries

5. Strawberries

6. Cucumber

7. Grapefruits


When we are on a mission to lose some weight, but craving for sweets we tend to grab some fruits as a snack option. We think that they are healthy, full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Bowl of fruits will not make any harm, right?

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But why are you not losing weight, even though you are snacking healthy?


Tip! Use dark fruits. Their skin is thinner and produces more antioxidants. They also slow digestion.

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