Food That Will Fight Inflammation

Food That Will Fight Inflammation

The secret weapon to fight inflammation can be easily found in your fridge


Inflammation is nothing more than our bodies healing process. Without having one simple thing like small infection would be really dangerous to our lives.


Why do we get inflamed?

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Our bodies are prepared to fight off anything that might be dangerous and recognised as foreign. It is not just seasonal pollen or dust. The major cause of inflammation is different chemicals.

If you are exposed to inflammation factor for long time on regular basis your body may react to it differently.

FACT! Did you know that cancer, diabetics or even heart disease were linked to chronic inflammation.


Food that cause inflammation:

  • Refined carbohydrates – pasta, white bread, white rice.
  • French fries – or any other fried food. Stay away from anything that was fried in any way. It is nothing more than fat.
  • Soda – or any other sugar-based drinks
  • Red meat – beef, steak, burgers or anything that was processed – sausages, hot-dogs etc.

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There is a reason why all that inflammation causing food is also considered bad for your weight and health. Eating foods from the list above in uncontrolled manner will make you to put on weight.


Inflammation killers;


  • Tomatoes
  • Olive oil. Swap bad saturated, highly processed fats and trans fats for olive oil
  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and other nuts or seeds
  • Fatty fish: wild salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines
  • Fruits: strawberries, blueberries, cherries, oranges. They contain thousands of substances that will act directly as anti-inflammatory agents.

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FACT! Cocoa and dark chocolate are proven to SLOW the production of molecules involved in inflammation. Go for rich dark chocolate with high cocoa content.


All kind of fruits like strawberries, blueberries, oranges, apples and leafy greens are high in antioxidants and polyphenols – protective compounds (anti – inflammatory).


Did you know that COFFEE contains polyphenols and some other anti- inflammatory compounds- is great anti-inflammatory weapon?

How to eat to reduce inflammation?


  1. Healthy eating


Yes, yes and yes again. Healthy eating is your friend. If you haven’t tried healthy meals yet nor have any idea where to start follow few of those tips to make it easier.


  • Plan your meals ahead.
  • Use anti-inflammatory food when preparing meals.
  • Shop with a list.
  • Consider the Mediterranean diet – this kind of food is high in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain, fish and healthy oils.




  • you will reduce lower the inflammation
  • you will lose weight and you will be energised
  • you will lower a risk of getting many chronic diseases
  • you will feel happy
  • you will be in good mood


What you eat may FUEL or SUPRESS inflammation

 2. Eat unprocessed food


Think of all that fruit and vegetables in their most natural version. Snack on foods such as greens and nuts. Serve anything you can eat raw or roasted on olive oil.

3. Choose food that is easy to prepare

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You should enjoy what you eat and not stress that meal preparation takes long time. Pick meals that are simple not involving too much cooking. Go easy. Keep it simple.


Did you know that herbs such as turmeric, garlic, basil and pepper have high anti-inflammatory properties?

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