Food Cravings – True Meaning

Food cravings – True Meaning


We all have them. We crave badly something from time to time: chocolate, pickles, salty food or diary. They are even more visible while you are pregnant especially in the third trimester. Pregnant or not cravings are messages that our body sends to us. Our body tells what mineral or food group is missing in your diet.


Nature came up with cravings – not just appetite or taste for something. Cravings are different – they are strong, hard to control needs to eat or drink something. It may make you drive to local shop in the middle of the night for that something. It is hard to resist. You need to get it now!


That feeling is even stronger during the pregnancy. You can’t compare yourself to other women as your cravings are so individual and depend on how balanced your diet is. If you are giving your body all what it needs in daily menu you may not have them at all.


And why does it appear so often during third trimester? It is the time when the baby grows much faster. Your caloric needs are bigger and simply you may struggle to provide all necessary products daily.

That is when cravings kick in.

Your body is sending you message what is needed and what is missing from your menu.


Listen, analyse and deliver whatever is needed.




Trick is to know how to listen and how to recognize those signals.


Let’s have closer look.





Most likely your vitamin C levels are low. It may also mean you need beta-carotene, vitamin A or potassium. This is one of good cravings so listen to your body and eat exactly this kind of fruit you are currently desire the most.





Name it: chips, crisps, Indian food or Chinese food. Answer for this one is… you need more sodium in your diet. Instead of getting salty processed, full of fat food choose products like:


  • beets
  • celery
  • carrots
  • meat
  • spinach




You may want: citrus fruits (limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits) kiwis and yogurts.

Acid that is in all those food is necessary for calcium absorption, which in turn is necessary during building bones and producing blood. In third trimester your baby is grooving the most and the fastest so that is the reason for this craving.





Chocolate, chocolate biscuits, cakes, doughnuts. Hmmm. You don’t need them but you should think of consuming more magnesium.

Magnesium is important for immune system, prevents inflammation and boosts heart health. It is necessary for normal muscle and nervous system function.


  • dark leafy greens
  • nuts and seeds
  • fish
  • avocado
  • soybeans
  • bananas
  • dark chocolate



  1. MEAT


And also cheese – means you need more proteins in your diet. Proteins are necessary for proper muscle grow, maintaining healthy metabolism but also is necessary for providing your body with energy.

You don’t have to eat just meat. Choose cottage cheese, natural yogurts, soybeans, nuts or eggs. They are your healthier options.


  1. BREAD

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You need more carbohydrates as your energy levels probably are dropping. Cravings for bread or pastry products, means you need to consume more carbohydrates. Choose good carbs;


  • raw bread
  • quinoa
  • basmati rice
  • Chia seeds


You have to be careful about cravings, as they can be harmful when you pick the wrong type of food. If you blindly follow your unhealthy cravings, you may be cutting your body from nutritious, healthy options.


Pregnant women should have balanced diet, filled with food from all groups to get calcium, protein and iron.


Just yesterday I had urgent, hard to resist need to eat ice cream. And luckily for me there was none in my freezer and I was to lazy to get to shop.

My craving was so strong though I had to do something. Eventually I end up improvising. Blended frozen raspberries with natural yogurt and some cottage cheese and sprinkle of honey. Oh dear, it was so good but much healthier than traditional ice cream.


What about you? Do you have or had any cravings?

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