Fixing Our Legs

Fixing Our Legs


Hello Word.


Recently a few lovely Ladies have asked me about possible solution for fixing common women’s problem.


Welcome to my leg clinic.


Problem #1


Fat thighs


How many of you are happy with the way your thighs look?

How many of you can honestly admit, they are perfect?


The truth is most of us are never happy about them. We would change this and that in our legs.


Let’s have closer look.


Fat distribution to thigh is common for women. It is due to hormonal influences (oestrogen and progesterone) and lifestyle.


Fact! Oestrogen and progesterone contribute to fat deposition in the upper thighs and hips.


If you eat more calories than you actually need and not exercising enough you will increase your body-fat storage in that area over time.



However, you already know that. Fat will accumulate mostly around thighs giving them that heavy and flabby look.

The only way to reduce fat (permanently and successfully) is by combining intense aerobic exercise with lower-fat diet.


Fact! No amount of creams, massages, brushes or body wraps will reduce or remove fat (and cellulite) from your legs.




  1. Increase length and intensity of aerobic exercise

All cardio based exercises and classes count here. To fix the problem extend cardio sessions to last minimum 45 minutes up to one hour.

Try to do aerobic sessions 3-5 times a week.


Intensity also matters. Perform your programmes at higher intensity levels. Get that blood pumping.


  1. Include strength training


Similar to aerobic exercises do 3-5 times a week up to 45 minute long sessions.


Best exercises;


Squats ; 3 sets  – 12-15 repetitions


Leg press; 3 sets – 12-15 repetitions


Front lunge; 3 sets – 12-15 repetitions


Rear lunge; 3 sets – 12-15 repetitions


Leg curl; 3 sets – 12-15 repetitions


  1. Lower fat in your menu


You have to reduce consumption of fatty foods. Minimising fat consumption will speed up its burning process in your body.




Problem #2


Shapeless legs


I heard you complaining about them too. Just because they are strong it doesn’t mean they are shaped.


Have you ever met women whose legs looked like pieces of wood blocks?). No quadriceps or hamstrings linings. This is caused by the lack of muscle mass.


Question! Are you focusing on aerobic based exercises (running, jumping, dancing) and skipping strength or resistance sessions?


Lots of cardio with no strength training will give you slim legs but not shaped legs.




 Focus on muscles


Exercises such as squats, lunges, leg extensions are perfect. Choose compound exercises for better results. Use moderate to heavy weights.



Best exercises;


Squats; 2 sets – 8-10 repetitions

00squat and lift

Leg press; 2 sets- 8-10 repetitions


Front lunge; 2 sets – 8-10 repetitions


Rear lunge; 2 sets- 8-10 repetitions


Leg curl; 2 sets- 8-10 repetitions


Leg extension; 2 sets- 8-10 repetitions

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