Fit Tip- Measuring Fitness Progress

Fit Tip – Measuring Fitness Progress


How are you getting on with your New Year resolution? Mine are on hold due to pregnancy but will be back on track soon.


Sticking to I will, I should and I can’t is hard. Driving a line between I am nearly there and am I really progressing is hard.

How can you determine if you are progressing, without using scale?


Scale is tricky and should not be used by anyone performing any kind of fitness routine/training. Why? Because it will give you false reading, may crush your hopes and ruin all the fun.

Scales will not show you how much you have toned, gain muscles and lost fat. They will show you how heavy your body is. Ditch it now and start using other measuring tools.


  1. take selfie


The best one will be the one showing whole of your body. Find gym mirror, stand in three positions; front to it, side to it and back to it. Take your shots and few weeks later wearing the same clothes take another series of selfies in the same spot.

That is the easiest way to document your progress.

Before you now it you will be seeing some serious improvements.


  1. Use measuring tape


This is one of the best options. Measure your body in most crucial places; around waist, hips, widest part of arm, widest part of leg. Will training and good, healthy eating routine all those measurements should shrink in few weeks.

Make notes; make sure you are taking those measurements in the morning, the best while wearing just underwear.



  1. The fit of your clothes



Pick something from your wardrobe that is too tight now and make it your dream outfit. Your goal is to fit into it. Use that peace of clothing as your progress-measuring tool. How amazing it feels being able to fit in, to feel comfortable in it, to see how amazing it looks on you.


  1. Track your fitness progress


Use fitness diary. Make notes about every kind of training. Number of reps, sets, weight used, but also how it felt (easy, hard, no challenge at all). Every week compare, have a look how much you have progressed since day one.

You can do similar with your eating. Note every meal, drink, and ingredient. It will help you analyse where you have made a mistake.

If you are not sure if you are progressing fast enough or simply need someone advice ask trusted personal trainer or any fitness professional person.


  1. Fitness tests


Perform them yourself or ask one of your friends to do it for you. Depending on your goal, your fitness test will be different. Pick the one, which will show you how you have progressed over time. Crunch test, burpees, beep test, sprints, you name it.

Important thing here is to be honest. Note your score and repeat it a week, two weeks time again.


How do you track your fitness goals without using a scale? 

I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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