First Week Postpartum

First Week Postpartum

For all new moms to start new life journey easier


New moms, this is probably the hardest and most challenging week for all of us. Our first week postpartum is the time when our bodies start recovery period which length will depend on your pre-pregnancy condition, during pregnancy fitness and health level and many more.


Some of us will recover faster while other will need more time to get back to shape. You should never  compare yourself to anyone else as everyone is different and there is so many factors contributing to your recovery time.


I have just become mom for the third time and could not be happier. Today is day four of my postpartum recovery.

Because I was extremely lucky to came across amazing midwife who helped me to go smoothly throughout my labor, I ended up having my baby girl extremely fast with no damage to my body.

It is not common to have baby in 50 minutes (yes it is how long it took me) and usually you are in labor for hours and sometimes days. That will take its toll.


So what should you do in week one postpartum?


  1. Recover and relax  – as long as necessary
  2. Recover more – spend time with your baby and give your body time to recover and heal
  3. Drink plenty of water – will speed up your recovery time, helps to produce more milk and stabilize your metabolism


  1. In the firs 7 days ignore the way you look and focus more how you feel
  2. Rest and sleep a lot – that is the best exercise in the first few days
  1. Start simple exercises – walk around the house. Slow peace; avoid lifting anything except for your baby. Why not to walk with your baby in your arms? You will bond, spend precious time together and feel better. Simple thing like walking will get your blood flowing and circulating. You will sweat out all toxins accumulated during pregnancy.
  1. Perform pelvic floor exercises – as often as you can. Yes, you will be asked to do them by your midwife. Do them, especially if it is not your first baby. Again, you don’t need any special time to perform them. They will take few minutes top and location is not an issue as they can be performed even in the bed.
  1. Perform first few simple exercises (only If you are fine and there is no medical problems) like: isometric glutes contractions or calf raises. I have been performing glutes isometric constrictions from day one. The reason for this is simple – they helped me handle post labor pain. You probably familiar with those. That is the pain you experience right after labor for few days up to a week to come because of your womb folding. Those contractions may be painful especially for moms with more than 2 or 3 kids. They are coming while you are breastfeeding, when you think of your baby or when you hear your baby crying. Yes, they will be there. There may feel like normal labor contractions.

I did find out that performing isometric glutes contractions helps me a lot to control, shorten and minimize those post delivery pains. I am performing them every time I am breastfeeding or feel womb cramp is coming. It is amazing, natural painkiller.


If you are tired and can’t even think of moving out of the bed, it is fine. Rest, recover, and take your time. You will start whatever you are ready.


All those simple exercises can on the other hand speed up your recovery time significantly.

Here is what they can do for you:


  • reduce recovery time
  • speed up your metabolism
  • make you feel better


You have to admit that there are many benefits here, but there is even more.


Did you know that your recovery time in the first postpartum week depends on how fit and active you were before and during pregnancy?


Yes, active moms are flying with postpartum recovery and are bouncing back in really short time.


Preparing out bodies to pregnancy simply by exercising on regular basics and keeping balanced, healthy diet is a pillar to success here.


It is proven that active pregnant woman, not just get back to their pre-pregnancies shapes faster, but also are going smoother with labor and post-labor healing.


Now tell me is it not worth it?



What about food in first postpartum week?

redfruits mkj

Probably your appetite will reduce now and it is normal.


You should definitely do not start any diet right now or in the near future, especially if you are breastfeeding.


I know many Ladies, who drastically cut food portion, starting not a diet but what I call starving period a day after having a baby.


They are not just hurting themselves but their babies too.


If you are breastfeeding you will need all extra calories now to produce good quality milk for baby.


What to eat;


  • plenty of protein and carbohydrates
  • plenty of water – seriously I can stress enough here
  • vegetables – preferably fresh, unprocessed, uncooked
  • fruits – berries of all kinds are the best




As you can see, active recovery have many positive sides and it doesn’t mean you have to separate from your baby. All first postpartum week actions are performed with your baby.



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