First Postpartum Workout

First Postpartum Workout


Rock (walk) your way to slim body with this stroller workout


During your recovery time and you are kin to start moving this stroller workout is just perfect for you. Start in first postpartum month with just easy 30-minute walk. Then build it up to 45-60 minutes.

With time and your fitness level improving with every day, start adding more intense exercises into your routines.

Remember, you always have an option of reducing the intensity and  going back to walking at any time.

Why and what to do for your postpartum workout?

  1. Make sure it’s safe.  Before your postpartum (6-week after having a baby) check up with your GP if it’s ok and perform only walks.
  2. Equipment. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and clothing (nothing too tight), water, stroller (and the baby) and a hat on sunny day
  3. Technique. While walking relax shoulders, keep back straight and keep squeezing butt cheeks.


Maximum 5 minutes.

1-2 minute – walk slowly, relax shoulders,

2-3 minutes –  increase walking pace

3-4 minutes – back to slower peace but add arms and head circles.

4-5 minutes – increase peace again


5-10 minutes

5-6 minutes– brisk walk with single arm swing. After approximately 30 seconds, switch hands.

6-7 minutes – fast walking (fast enough to bring your breathing to heavy level)

7-8 minutes– slow down, back to brisk walking.

8-10 minutes – really fast walk, incline (if possible up the hill walk)

Stop and perform your conditional/strength training

10-20 minutes

Stroller walking lunges

Stroller squats

Stroller side kicks and back kicks

Stroller squat and lunge combo

Stroller side bends

Stroller calf raises

Stroller back stretch

On the bench…

Modified push-ups

Bench dips

Bench single leg raises (scissors)

Back to walking…Up the hill…

Minutes 20-25

20-21 minutes – stroller chest press. Walk up hill and every second or third step push stroller away while bending at the same time.

21-22 minutes – stroller row. Walk up hill backwards and roll

22-23 minutes – leg circles

23-25 minutes – gentle stretching

Cool down

26-30 minutes


Here are two videos with example exercises

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