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There is nothing like being a mom of a new baby. As much as you love being a mom you are terrified that you will never get your body back.


I remember my son’s delivery day. We were still in the hospital, he was few hours old and then there was a couple leaving with their newborn. I remember looking at that woman, at her belly and my eyes nearly popped out in disbelieve. Where the hell is her belly?! She was flat like a pace of wood. I have glanced at mine, yep- still there, looking like I am about to give birth again. Oh dear, how much I could hate that women for cheating on Mother Nature. Life is not fair.


Dear mom’s, it is not that bad. Here I am showing you your first abs routine which you can perform days after having your little angel.


If you exercised throughout your pregnancy and had normal delivery you can safely do light exercises like walking, modified push-ups, stretching, only days after giving birth.

Get your doctor’s clearance before starting any type of exercise program.


It will take you 10 minutes a day.


Here is your first post –baby abs workout with gentle worm-up:



  • Start with gentle worm-up. It should be gentle walk around the house or walk in the spot.
  • You will do only as many repetitions as you can. Take it slowly.
  • Stop immediately if any of the exercises cause discomfort or pain.




  1. Breathing exercise


  • lie on your back, knees bend, arms on your side
  • breath in and out slowly focusing on how your belly button is moving up and down
  • keep your spine in neutral position
  • You might try to gently tighten up area around your belly button. Hold that contraction for maximum 5 seconds and let it go.

2. Leg sliding


  • lie on back, arms on side, legs bend
  • tighten belly button area and slide one leg down the floor until is flat
  • slide back slowly to start position, repeat with the other leg
  • maximum of 20 repetition on each leg

3. Low bridge

low bridge moms fitness heaven

  • lie on back, legs bend, arms on side
  • Tighten belly area; gently and slowly lift your hips of the ground. Make this smooth and slow move
  • hold for a few seconds on top position and return
  • repeat 10 times maximum

4. Lower abs


  • lie on back, legs bend, arms on side
  • extend one of your legs, keep neutral spine position
  • gently slide your leg out and slowly in
  • Option – to help yourself at the beginning, place your leg on the towel. It will help you to slide that leg out.
  • Do maximum of 20 repetitions on each leg

5. 90 degree lift


  • lie on back, arm on side, legs bend
  • you will lift one leg at the time to 90 degree angle – make it slow
  • came back to start position, change legs
  • 20 repetitions on each leg

Also try as you will get fitter;


and more abs for later




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