Essentials for Newborn


Essentials for Newborn

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Essentials for Newborn

Congratulations, you are expecting! This is an amazing time when you will be excited about every small thing. You are closely watching your belly growing, you can feel your baby moving and kicking. You are so happy.

As your due day is approaching everything might start to feel a little overwhelming. You are stressing about labour thinking constantly how your life is about to change and on the top of that you are being bombarded with information from marketers trying to sell you every possible item for baby that exist.

I made huge mistake with my first baby by getting many items we never even used. You will need much less for your baby than you might think. Don’t buy too much, babies are growing very fast, plus you will get new baby gift from friends and family. Hold on.

I would like to share with you list of absolute essentials for newborn.


Must-Have Newborn Items:

Bassinet – so your little angel can sleep right next to your bed for the first few months. Yes you will want to keep your baby as close to you as possible

Clothing – get up to 10 seasonally appropriate outfits. Again, you will get a lot of them as gifts

Seasonally appropriate blankets (warm for winter or lightweight for summer)

Diapers– get small bag first and wait for baby to be born. You might be surprised by the size of your little one.

Diaper Cream
Changing Pad

 Burp Cloths – any hand towels, small towels would do the job

Car Seat

 Baby Bathtub

 Gentle Baby Wash
 Bulb Syringe
 Infant Nail Clippers
Bouncy Seat


Diaper Bag or conversion kit with portable wipes and changing pad

Extra bedding for your baby basket- you might be surprised how many times you will have leaking accidents during nights.


Keep in mind that every baby is different and every mom is different. Start from essentials and make sure every item you will buy is baby safe.

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