Double Your Fat Burn After Exercising


Double Your Fat Burn After Exercising

Blast excess fat hours after finishing your workout”


Are you one of many who count calories during exercises? Do you think that by exercising longer you would burn more calories and reduce fat?


Most of us think that long exercise session will allow us to burn more fat. Have you ever heard about afterburn effect?


Afterburn, also known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”, is a process where your metabolism works on high levels, even days after your workout.


Now, not every exercise will  have that effect. In fact, there are only a few that guarantee the “fifth gear” burning level.




FACT! 20 minute of high-intensity exercise will increase your calorie burn by 10%


Afterburn = calorie burn after exercise



FACT! High intensity exercise will burn more fat than any cardio.



The most effective way to lose weight and burn fat is to do intermittent burst of high-intensity exercises, followed by rest periods.


Performing long lasting, easy or medium intensity workouts will NOT give you body you want. The key to the success is to do short, intense bursts of strength, speed and power exercises.


It would be ideal for you to push your body hard enough so it will continue to burn fat while you rest.


Intense workouts (ideal burst based) will change your body so it will have to use extra energy (extra calorie) just to help you to recover after a training.


What can affect afterburn effect?


  1. Type of exercise
  2. Time of the exercise
  3. Intensity of the exercise
  4. Your gender
  5. Your current fitness level


How to increase afterburn effect?


  1. Perform high intensity workouts


Steady cardio session using any gym machine will NEVER give you good enough afterburn effect. No more jogging, pleasure cycling or swimming. Wake-up wild animal inside and go hard.


  1. Shorten your workout time



Make it brief, but super intense. Your goal is to do a lot in a short time. HIIT based workouts are perfect.


Example; do as many jumping jacks, burpees or tuck jumps as you can in a short time. Exercise hard for 30 seconds, but then recover properly too.


30 second exercise followed by 60 second rest.



The best exercises for the best afterburn effect



  1. Sprints


Sprint (on the spot) for 30 seconds, rest for one minute.


  1. Burst training – 30 seconds maximum work and 1 minute rest


  1. Hiit training


  1. Strength training


FACT! Afterburn effect after weight lifting last between 15 to38 hours after the exercise


  1. Cycle as fast as you can (with high gear) for 30 seconds and then 6o seconds slower ride with the same gear on. Repeat those bursts for 15-20 minutes


You can also use elliptical or rowing machine for the same intervals.




  1. Skipping – super fast for 30 seconds and 60 seconds easy skip


  1. Other


  • kattlebell workout
  • cross fit workout



So, as you can see it is not that hard to multiple your fat burn. By performing shorter, but more intense exercises (almost at 100% of your maximum capability) you will continue to burn fat  days after your exercises, even while you are sleeping.


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