Cup Of Coffee ?

Cup Of Coffee ? 

Caffeine For Better Performance



Recently I have been calling coffee a ‘lifesaver’ and it is first thing I  inhale every morning before all daily drama and chaos begins. Literally, it can save lives.


We all consumed it in form of a coffee drink, chocolate, cocoa, chocolate, Pepsi. It comes in different forms but result is similar. Caffeine is quickly absorbed and it have it peak 1-2 hours after consuming.


It is addicting an often-called modern day legal drug.



Caffeine and endurance training


You will call endurance training anything that will last 60 minutes and longer. It is definitely most of the fitness classes, running, hill walking, and marathons.


It has been proven that caffeine significantly improve endurance performance.

During endurance workout you are using glycogen (mostly from carbohydrates) as a fuel. Caffeine helps to spare muscle glycogen during endurance training. In normal situation when muscle glycogen is depleted that is it, you won’t be able to exercises to your full potential.


Caffeine spares that glycogen (in muscles) by stopping body from using all that muscle glycogen.





Caffeine improves your performance during endurance (long lasting) exercises. Simply you will be able to perform better for longer.


Not only this. Your speed and power will also improve.




Weight loss


Scientists discovered that caffeine triggers your muscles to use triglycerides (fat) as energy source rather than glycogen stored in muscles.  Yes, you will burn fat. How amazing?!


Your metabolism will also improve meaning you will burn even more.


Caffeine kills your appetite (well it reduces it) so less snacking, lower weight gain.





Be carefull!


Avoid cream and sugar with your coffee as they are all extra calories


Try not to drink Pepsi and other coffee based soft drinks- high sugar content


Super light on chocolate- yes there is dark rich chocolate and there is chocolate. Between two of then there is enormous calorie difference.



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