Core Circuit

Core Circuit

Work your core and back today to boost your strength.

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Strong muscles, protecting your spine, supporting it, responsible for painless body are necessary for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what sex. You need strong core to be fit and healthy. If your core muscles are weak, you will never get body of your dreams. Why? Strong core means, strong muscles and great body posture.


New moms, focusing on getting strong core should be your fitness priority. Good news is that you can get it doing only 6-exercise routine. They are combined the way to target every muscle group.


 Here is six power moves to give you stronger lower back and core.



  • Start with 10-minute worm- up (skipping, jumping jacks, body twists, scissors, and squats).
  • Twenty minute circuit training
  • Do it twice a week
  • Use 2-3 kg dumb-bells
  • Each exercise in two sets

Exercise 1

Back extensions                             2×8 repetitions in two sets

back extension momsfitnessheaven

Back extension leg and arms up

 Exercise 2

Back extensions with twist            2×8 repetitions   in two sets

keep legs down, place fingertips on your forehead and perform gentle body twist. One turn to the left once to the right.

Exercise 3

High plank – knee to elbow across body   2×8 repetitions in two sets

high plank momsfitnessheaven

Plank knee kick


Exercise 4

Side plank hips lift                       2×8 repetitions in two sets

side hip lift momsfitnessheaven

hips lift



Russian twists with dumb-bells in two sets

russian twist momsfitnessheaven

Russian twist

Exercise 6

Swimming on belly – legs and arms kicking   twice

Lie down on your belly, extent arms overhead and swimming moves. kick arms and legs just like you wre in the water.

Finish your core workout by performing few stretches for back.

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