Compound Exercises

Compound Exercises



Compound exercises will take your workout into new higher, more advanced level. It makes you feel unstoppable, great, and alive, as if you finely achieved something.



Compound exercises are the best as they put multiple muscle groups and more joints to work during one exercise.


You will get the same lean muscles, slimmer body, boost your metabolism and burn calories like your other regular gym friends, but faster, easier with greater result.


You can say compound exercises are time savers.


Because compound movements involve multi joints and multi muscle workouts, energy output is greater, and the end effect more satisfying. Yes, you will burn many calories and after effect will stick for longer, (you will keep burning hours after finishing your workout).


Types of compound exercises;


First, one will involve multi muscle groups and joints in one exercise, like lunges, squats, deadlift.


Second, one focused on blending two exercises into one, like bicep curl to shoulder press


Yes, you will be able to lift bigger weights with compound exercises rather than with isolated ones… you will be able squat more weights than performing leg curl exercise.


Your muscle and hormonal response will be better and your lean muscle mass will appear in no time.

During regular strength training, you are putting your body under a lot of stress and there is always a micro damage to muscle fibres that need to be repaired before next training.

That damage is ‘fixed’ right after your workout thanks to hormonal response. During compound exercises, that response is greater as you are using more muscles, meaning you are recovering faster.


It also helps if you will have that carb and protein based snack post workout. They are speeding up your recovery time and restock your energy.


It is not everything. During compound exercises, you are able to create more lean muscles in less time. More muscles mean faster metabolism and greater calorie burn. Muscles need more energy to maintain so it really pays off to build nice muscle mass.


Now is the best…compound exercises are amazing way to train core muscles. Your belly, back, butt. Almost every compound exercise require core muscles for stabilizing posture and for more power.


Even though you are performing deadlift or combined bicep curl with shoulder press, you are training abs as they are centre of our workout.


Those core muscles are necessary to stabilise, support, and assist. Without strong core muscles you won’t be able to perform in satisfying level or at all.


Not clear,… stand up and perform squat or lunge. While doing it tighten up your core muscles and then try to do the same exercise without them being involved.


You can’t. They are in constant use, and more you are involving them the slimmer your waist, better posture, amazing performance and power. You are feeling amazing.


Next time you are in the gym start your workout with compound exercises as they are require more energy, power, muscles. Finish up with isolated exercises like bicep curl.


Keeping that order, you are not just performing better but also preventing injuries.



Here are probably the best compound exercises;



  • push-up
  • bend-over dumbbell row
  • bench press
  • dips
  • dumbbell lunges
  • chin ups
  • cable row



Here is sample of easy compound exercise whole body workout;


  1. Front barbell squat with shoulder press


  • squat and keep barbell at shoulder level in front of you
  • stand up and lift barbell above your head


  1. Pullups


  1. Lunges with dumbbells curl


  1. Pushups


  1. kettlebell swing


  1. Sumo deadlift





3 rounds, 10-12 reps and up to 60 second rest



To build compound exercises combine;



  1. Squats with rows
  2. Squats with curls
  3. Squats with presses
  4. Lunges with kickbacks
  5. Lunges with shoulder raises
  6. Deadlift with Shoulder raises
  7. crunch with chest press
  8. Plank with rows

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