Apple And Banana Smoothie

Apple And Banana Smoothie As a mom of two kids I am trying to entourage them to eat nutritious food. It is not easy. You know kids; if it is not made out of chocolate probably it is not any good for them. I have learned that you have to be sneaky sometimes “to make…



GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE There is nothing more important than to start your day right and what is better than a nutritious, energising healthy smoothie? Because mornings are crazy around my house I need quick, time saving option. From early hours I am on my “fifth gear’ so my breakfast needs everything possible to give my…


Almond porridge with honey roasted peaches

Almond porridge with honey roasted peaches As my clean eating plan goes really well so far I have decided to share with you some of my favourite recipes. My whole day consist in 99% of running here and there, cleaning, cooking, do stuff with kids and then my fitness classes. I really need good start…


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