Burn 300 calories in 10 Minutes

Burn 300 calories in 10 Minutes


Dear ladies, finding time to exercise is hard especially for us, moms. Here is an intense workout you can do at home in just 10 minutes. It will engage your muscles to work in their higher performance. It takes only 10 minutes, 3 moves, no equipment is needed and is designed to burn up to 300 calories in 10 minutes time. I think it is worth a try. Are you in?


Your guideline;


  1. New moms- you are allowed to do this routine minimum 6-8 weeks after having your baby if there were no complications
  2. After C-section, it will take longer before you can start. Speak with your physician
  3. Beginners– 15 repetitions and 30 seconds rest time

           As you get better–   do more repetitions and shorten rest time

           Advanced-   maximum 25 repetitions and only 10 seconds rest

           Supersets-   each exercise 30 seconds, no brakes in between them. Rest for 30 seconds when you finish your last exercise.

4. Time – you will perform those exercises for 10 minutes.


Your exercises;

  1. sprints on the spot– as quick as you can
  2. tuck jumps
  3. push-ups

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You can perform this routine while your baby is napping. Seriously, it takes only 10 minutes of your day but results are amazing. Worth a try.



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