Build your Dream Physique with Burst Training

Build your Dream Physique with Burst Training




How many times have you seen people puffing and huffing on all those treadmills, elliptical machines or just moving from one cardio fitness class to another?


Don’t take me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but…

Would you take a shortcut if there was one?

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Good news, there is one. It will save you time, energy, will burn more, give you better shape and you can do it at home.


Ladies and Gents I would like to introduce the Burst Training.

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This is probably the fastest and the most effective way to burn fat. Burst training burns six times more body fat than any other cardio. That is the fact.

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Burs training is a high intensity, short-duration interval training. There are few types of burst trainings, but main idea is to mix short workout high intensity exercises with lower intensity movements.

Exercises are separated by 30 seconds breaks (rest time).

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Why burst training is right for you?


  • it burns fat faster than any other cardio
  • it can be done at home
  • you will get fast results



Why it is so effective;


  • it is designs to utilize anaerobic energy system
  • short burst exercises

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During normal endurance based training your body can move longer but at moderate intensity levels.


During burst training your body works shorter but at high intensity levels.


Burst training will make you burn fat even up to 48 hours after finished workout when other types of workouts will work only during the actual exercises. I say big yey for burst training.

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Burst training kills fat


Literally, it destroys it. During burst training your body experiences oxygen debt which eventually will have to be balanced. Recovery time after burst training requires energy and this is when your body is supplying it from fat for oxidation. In other words, you are using fat as your fuel.

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The harder and more intense your workout, the higher the metabolic cost you are creating and he more fat is burned.


If you decide to do burst trainings on regular basics, your fat burning ability will increase more than 35%.


What I love the most about burst training is the fact that it can be done just anywhere and in short period of time. You will keep burning fat hours later (including sleep or while watch TV).

The results are truly outstanding.


1running on spot

Burst training for beginners;


  1. Squats- low (at lower range)
  2. Push ups
  3. Crunches
  4. Mountain climber
  5. Lunges

 For more advanced people; 

1. tuck jumps

2. sprints

3. Plyo squats

4. Push ups

5. Running with kicking butt


Option 2; 

1. Sprints

2. Burpees

3. Frog jumps

4. Mountain climbers

5. X jumps

Option 3;


1. Tricep push up

2. Push up with shoulder tap

3. Tricep dips

4. Spider steps

5. Push up and punch

Types of burst training;


  1. Strength/ resistance
  2. Cardio/aerobic
  3. Flexibility



Burst training involves exercising at almost 95% of your maximum capability.

russian weighted twist


You should do 4-5 sets 3 times a week. Do as many repetitions for each exercises as you can. Try to start for 30 second for each exercise and build it up up to 60 seconds each.

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