Blackberry Water

Blackberry Water

Flash toxins out of your body; get glowing skin and body of goddess with this Blackberry Infused Water.

blackberry water momsfitnessheaven

Blackberry infused water

Good news summer is just on the corner so I say lets get ready. I am detoxing my body before summer holidays. I want to start clean, feel better, and get slimmer body. Will you going me. I will share with you the most refreshing, easy and proven recipes.

blackberry water momsfitnessheaven

blackberry water

Blackberries are special to me. My mom plated those years ago in my family home garden. What once was tiny plant it is a wall of green with juicy, sweet smelling blackberries.

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Every year there was so many of them that we could share them with family and most of hours neighbours. Following that, blackberry flow comes endless option of blackberry summer recipes.

My favourite is blackberry pie, blackberry smoothie, salads and of course refreshing water.

Blackberry water with touch of fresh mint will put you right up on your legs. It will detoxify your body; make your belly slimmer, skin glowing. Cool, it down in the fridge add lots of ice and drink it icy cold. You will boost your metabolism, speed up your calorie burn and lose weight faster before summer.

blackberries with ice momsfitnessheaven

Get 2 cups of fresh blackberries, big juice jar, mint and ice. Fill in half of your jar with ice, add blackberries and then with water. Add some mint. Leave for a moment. Drink it icy cold.

blackberry water with mint momsfitnessheaven

Summer water


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