Best ways to lose body fat

Best ways to lose body fat

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I want to lose weight. Sure.


Would you rather focus on losing weight or losing body fat?


Complicated? Yes it is and it is not really.


Weight loss and fat loss are our most desire goals.

I mean, for us girls, ladies and moms.


Do you dreams of lean, toned and fat-less body? Who doesn’t want that?

You know what, sign me for it.


Oh wait, I can’t yet. I have four more months of pregnancy and then I will join your club.


So what do you actually know about fat loss?


Let’s see:


  • most of us believe cardio is ultimate weight and fat loss tool
  • majority of ladies believes that weight lifting is for muscle building and not for fat or weight loss
  • we believe that here are “magic exercises” that will help us lose fat from selected trouble areas
  • cutting on some food groups is the only way to get rid of fatty tissue



Well, dear Ladies, in this article I am going to discuss these points and more


Good news is, by the end of it you will know exactly what kind of exercises are perfect for fighting fat.


You will also learn how to create your dream workout to minimise time but maximise results.


It is all quite simple, but is it real?


So why do you want to lose fat?


Most of us don’t like the way we look. Period.


It is not about the size.


It is about how some parts of our bodies are look in clothes and when naked.


Dear Ladies, when it comes to fatty tissue, we are doomed.


It starts accumulating as early as in our teen years.

You may not see it yet, but it all has already has started.


With time, without physical activity and crazy nights out it will just get worse.


Add pregnancies to that equation and you are where you are.


Then your habits and excuses kick in.


Do you know how many times I have heard lately that drinking wine is good for you and will give you the same effect as gym session? Really? Do you seriously believe that?


Why is your body far from perfect then? Why you complain about the way you look? Why this wine did not do all the magic for you by now?


Most of us, blinded by public media “ideal body” image, are not happy with the way we look.


You know what, I can’t blame you. As women, we are constantly judged by everyone – friends, family, strangers and ourselves.


It sucks…


We want that fat to go away. Now and permanently.


Let’s start.



Majority of us thinks better body means lighter body.

That is why we are so desperate to lose weight.


Here goes some news.

Dropping pounds on scale will not give you slim, fat-less, toned body.


In the best case scenario, you will end up as skinny-fat.


How is that possible?


I say 99% of us is following path to become skinny-fat. How?


Here is recipe for it;


  • drastically cut food consumption (pick one of many diets out there)
  • eat only low calorie food
  • pay no attention to food composition on plate
  • kill yourself with hours of cardio
  • avoid strength and resistance training




You do that and here is what is going to happened to your body;


  • you will lose weight…(mostly water and muscles!)
  • your body will look flabby, most likely with cellulite
  • you will be tired, exhausted even, constantly starving, hating food and craving it at the same time
  • you will stop losing weight at some point and after a while you will gain a lot more (yoyo effect)
  • you will hate the way your body looks naked



So if you want to ruin your body, simply just follow the above guideline.



Let’s talk about that perfect weight and fat loss exercises

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Specific area focused exercises is your answer. Or isn’t it?


Let’s see;


For fat belly – abs, crunches, sit-ups of course


For butt fat- squats

For thigh fat- lunges

For fat arms- bicep curls, triceps dips


I am sorry to tell you that but this is not the way. Performing endless number of repetition for one trouble area will get you nowhere.

You may actually end up with even bigger butt or arms, still with lots of fat on it.


Exercises are mysterious thing.


Exercises will not magically fix body parts. They will burn calories and then eventually will lead to fat loss.


Here is the secret to slim body parts: Do whole body workout and leave that trouble are alone.


What to do then?

To lose body fat you need to burn calories.

Weight loss training programme is your answer.


Successful weight and fat loss program should;


  • burn a lot of calories
  • result in fat loss not muscle loss
  • do not leave you exhausted, stressed or sore for days



Right approach


Question! How should you lose weight?


Answer: By exercise and diet mixture.


What kind of exercise?


Many think cardio exercises.


What comes to your mind now as a cardio?


Jog, swim, cycling, aerobics, etc.


Hmm, if that is the right answer why all those overweight people in the gym on all those cardio machines are still “fat’?


What they all have in common?


They exercise for long period of time at a low, sometimes moderate intensity.

Most of those machines “fat burning zones’ is around 60-70% of your maximum Heart rate.


Which is equivalent to brisk walk for most of us!!!



I understand their approach.


Low intensity workouts will use fat as energy store. With higher intensity, your body will use glycogen as a fuel and you no longer are in ‘fat burning zone’


Well, fat is large source of energy.


Fat is also used as energy for normal metabolic function like; breathing, digesting and keeping right body temperature.


So, yes, when you sit and watch TV you are in “fat burning zone” too.


If so, why there are so many overweight people in front of TV?


Answer is that their total energy expenditure (calories burnt) is low.

It works the same; sitting and doing nothing or low intensity workouts will give you pretty much the same result…None!

Skip low and moderate activities and go for higher intensity ones.

Here goes why;

  • high intensity workouts are fuelled by energy which comes mostly from carbs




After your workout…


The used energy need to be replaced either from carbs in the next meal or from glucogenesis. Both ways are energy-consuming and calorie-burning processes.



  • your fitness level will improve


  • increased post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)


Another thing about cardio and fat burning.

Have you ever heard that you have to work hard for at least 60 minutes, because you will start to burn fat after 20 minutes of exercises?


Oh dear.


Here goes the thing. You are burning fat from first minute of your workout.


Approximately after 20 minutes you will start burning more than 50% of fat.




Now consider this. If you are fitter, that 50% burning moment will start much earlier.




So how long and how hard to exercise?


Frequency and duration of your exercises combined together are the most important factors when it comes to fat loss.


You should expend as much energy as possible and this can be achieved by exercising more frequently and for longer.



Simple math;


30 minute brisk walk 3 times a week will burn you 600 kcal

The same intensity walks for 45 minutes 5 times a week 1500kcal


Now what will happen if you make your sessions more intense?


30- 45 minutes of high intensity 4-5 times a week can give you up to 5000 kcal or more.


Another advantage of high-intensity cardio is EPOC


EPOC is a period after your exercises when your metabolism is at high level.

It creates after-burn effect.


EPOC is extremely energy-consuming and fuelled using FAT as main energy source.




The higher the intensity exercise, the higher EPOC, the greater calorie burn and the greater FAT reduction!!


What else?


When you exercise at high intensity, your fitness level improves, so does your body’s functions and adaptations too. As a result your resting metabolism rate becomes higher.


You should know that the higher your resting metabolic rate is, the more calories will be burned.


How can you improve even more?


There is one more very important thing you can do.


You can work on lean body mass or your muscles, if you prefer.


Muscles are your friends and the more of them you have the higher your calorie burn.


The more lean mass you have the higher your resting metabolic rate will be and the more fat will be burned.


Muscles are fat killers.


Get more lean muscles and slim down faster.


Just like that.


Focus on creating well-planned resistance training programme aimed to strengthen major muscles.


Plan at least 2 strength sessions per week along your 3-4 cardio.


That combination will work the best for you.








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