Beginner Strength programme

Beginner Strength programme


If you wondering how to get it started, how to set it up, what exercises you should choose- wondering is over.


Designing first training programme is hard and challenging,

Everything counts- your previous experience, your current fitness level, your age, weight, goal, you name it.

Typical person needs around 12 weeks to see some serious results- yes that long.

Although those three months sound like forever, keep in your mind that you need around 4 weeks just for your body to AJUST TO NEW CHALLENGE.

Your muscles will be gradually introduced to new stimulus of lifting weights and get used to exercises.


It is slow but crucial process as it will increase your fitness level and strength and at the same time reducing body fat percentage.


It is good to start from circuit routine that will work all major muscles groups and build good foundation of strength.




You are aiming to develop muscular endurance, so 12-15 repetitions seem just right.


How heavy?


You will have to select weight heavy enough to allow you finish your 15 repetitions but not to light to go above that number.


Simply, choose lightweight and start from there.




Count 2 seconds on the way up and 3 seconds on the way down.





For week one, single set of each exercise will be plenty.


From week two, add another set so eventually by week four you will be ale to perform three sets of each exercise.


Warm up and cool down


Each training session should start with minimum of 5 minutes cardiovascular warm- up. After finishing completely training another 5 minutes of cool down and stretching. That stretching will give your muscles extra range of motion for further workouts.


Your sample workout number 1


Perform it twice a week in week one with intensity around 50-70 % . Make sure you have at least one day rest between workouts.

Minimum rest between exercises.


Beginner Strength Training 1
Body Part Exercise Circuit Reps
5-10 minute warm-up
Legs Barbell Squat 1-2 15
Chest Flat Bench Press barbell 1-2 15
Upper Back Machine Row 1-2 15
Shoulders Overhead Press Machine 1-2 15
Biceps Barbell Biceps Curl 1-2 15
Triceps Tricep Overhead Extensions 1-2 15
Lower Back Back Extensions- floor 1-2 15
Abdominals Russian Twist 1-2 15
Calves Standing/seated Calf Raise 1-2 15
5-minute cool down and stretch

Your sample workout number 2



Beginner Strength Training 2
Body Part Exercise Circuit Reps
5-10 minute warm-up
Legs Leg Press Machine 2-3 15
Hamstrings Seated Leg Curl 2-3 15
Chest Flat Bench Chest Press 2-3 15
Chest Incline Bench Chest Press 2-3 15
Upper Back Machine Row 2-3 15
Upper Back Lateral Pull-down 2-3 15
Shoulders Dumbbell Overhead Press 2-3 15
Shoulders Dumbbell Lateral Raise 2-3 15
Biceps Dumbbell Curl 2-3 15
Triceps Tricep push-up  Floor 2-3 15
Lower Back Back Extensions on Floor 2-3 15
Abdominals Toe Touch 2-3 15
5-10 minutes cool-down



Those are just basics. Have fun and change any machine-based exercise for free weights.


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