Beautiful Breasts (chest) From Today

Beautiful Breasts (chest) From Today

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You know million exercises for bubbly butt, slim arms, stunning flat belly. How many exercises do you know and perform for chest?


Making your breasts looking bigger by exercise is impossible, but you could make solid base under them and around them to keep them in right level and shape for long time to come.


Ladies you know exactly what I mean here. It is not a secret that with age (especially when you were blessed by nature with big chest 😉  ) they will start to drop, get lower, flatter and more.


By performing few exercises (probably neglected until now), you can keep them when they should be, and make them look more “pampered” by focusing on their surroundings.



The best breast time is during your pregnancy and during breastfeeding. They are looking amazing. Full, bigger, pointy, shiny, healthy- clear perfection.


Everyone from your male and female friends will notice. I am not saying you have to get pregnant to get that effect; there is always time for that.


Let’s look closer.


Use your imagination and try to remember the best picture of any shirtless guy you can remember. Yes his abs, were stunning, but can you remember his chest, and how beautifully shaped was his chest (breast area)?

That is thanks to all those chest exercises. Male breasts are missing all fatty tissue that will make yours look te way the are.

What you can see is pectorals muscle group. That is your base- they are your support and your biggest friends.


Any exercise with bar or dumbbells when you are flat on you back and performing push movement will do. Chest press, flat bench chest press, incline chest press, even push-ups.

Then you have machines, like chest press machine.


All beautiful and simple, if you can remember something…


For any chest exercise (like those mentioned above) you NEED upper back exercises to keep balance.


If you will focus on mostly performing chest exercises, you will end up like most males in the gym…round shoulders, rounded back, hidden chest, lower posture, squashed look, eventually back problems.


Adding upper back exercises will lift our chest higher, open it up, you will be taller and those besets of yours will be pointing in right direction ;).


Focus on bringing your shoulder blades in together, strengthening muscles around and above them.


Right base is the must.


Here is the list of exercises that are perfect for achieving your goal;


  • push-ups – chest and back
  • rowing machine – back
  • chest press machine- chest
  • flat bench barbell/dumbbell press- chest
  • incline bench barbell/dumbbell press- chest
  • any resistant band rowing move- back and chest
  • lateral pull down machine- back
  • upright row- shoulders
  • shoulders shrug- shoulders
  • overhead press- shoulders
  • incline dumbbell flyes – chest
  • one arm dumbbell row- back



If you would like perfectly balanced workout from list above pick 6 exercises. Three for chest and three for back.


You will get the best results if you can create supersets- performing two of them one right after the other, like…


Set 1


  1. chest press machine- chest
  2. lateral pull down machine- back



idea is simple you will perform exercise 1 chest press for 8-12 rep and without any brake lateral pull down for the same 8-12 reps.

Then you can rest.


Do that combo 2-3 times and move on to set two (two different exercises)




Superset 1


  1. Chest press machine- chest 8-12 reps
  2. lateral pull down machine- back 8-12 reps


Rest up to 90 seconds



  1. Chest press machine- chest 8-12 reps
  2. lateral pull down machine- back 8-12 reps

Rest up to 90 seconds


Superset 2


  1. Rowing machine – back 8-12 reps
  2. Incline dumbbell press- chest 8-12 reps


Rest up to 90 seconds



  1. Rowing machine – back 8-12 reps
  2. Incline dumbbell press- chest 8-12 reps


Rest up to 90 seconds


You got the idea right?


Then add another superset.


Before you will jump into your supersets perform 5-10 minute solid warm-up, preferably including muscles that you will be exercising in your main workout.


After cool down and stretch both chest and back.


Whole thing should take you maximum 45-50 minutes.


It is effective and simple.


By doing this workout you will get amazing posture, strong muscle base and better-looking chest area.

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