Abs Workout When You Suffer Lower Back Pain

Abs Workout When You Suffer Lower Back Pain


For healthy body, strong muscles and happy life. 



It could happen to anyone from completely fit person to someone after injuries. Lower back pain is the most common problem and barrier stopping us from exercising.


Ladies are in a high-risk group as during pregnancy our bodies are compromised and put under enormous amount of stress.


Then there is labor and recovery so getting back to pain-less bodies may take time. What to do then when you have sore back and you would like to make your core stronger?



First of all consult your doctor.


If you are new mom you need doctor approval to start exercising.


Then check if you don’t have separated abs (if you do your approach will be different and I will cover it in my next post).


What is your core?


Imagine a body without head and limbs – whatever is left, that is your core.


To get painless body you need strong core. Period.


Very often people focus on performing endless abs exercises neglecting back. That is a huge mistake.


By doing that you create imbalance in your body which will negatively affect your posture.


It will lead to larger lordosis, lower back pain, round shoulders, collapsed chest, squeezed lungs and lover lungs capacity, lower performance and more. It is a whole chain of reactions.


What to think about before you start;


  • consult your doctor and check what is exact reason for your back pain. It may be pure muscle, injury, trapped nerve or something serious. It’s better to check before you start any exercise.


  • you have to make sure you strengthen whole core


  • perform stretching exercises


  • be persistent


How to exercise with lower back pain?


  • Do it daily
  • For at least 30 minutes
  • Stop when it is to sore
  • Make sure you are comfortable
  • If you are not sure ask someone to assist you
  • Do not perform exercises that will put too much pressure on your lower back
  • Start and finish with 5 minute stretching


Big No-no abs exercises with lower back pain;


  • bicycles
  • anything for lower abs
  • core rotations
  • twists
  • leg lifts
  • traditional crunches
  • traditional sit-ups
  • prone flutter kicks
  • lying superman’s ( be careful with those)




  • Plank


Start with legs hips distance apart and knees on the floor. Dig your toes into ground to keep yourself grounded.


  • Side plank- with bottom leg on the ground


  • Bridge


  • Pelvic tilt


  • Reverse crunch



How to work your progress;


  • Start with exercises mensioned above
  • Progress by including exercise ball
  • Swimming
  • Do yoga and pilates classes
  • Do easy strengthening exercises first


What, how long, how many?

Start with anything. Even two, three repletion’s will do. Work your progress slowly and don’t push too much.


When you get stronger exercise for 30 minutes daily.


Do each exercises up to 12 repetitions in 2 rounds.


With passing days and stronger core, add additional third round.




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