I’m very excited you have joined me in this website and community.

My name is Agata Kolaczyk – a mother of three lovely kids and a happy wife of my loving husband. I’m a fitness instructor by day and a full-time mother 24/7…

and now I’m proud founder of MomsFitnessHeaven.com.

I write articles for my blog about food, fitness and general healthy lifestyle of bee-like busy moms like yourself. I enjoy sharing my insights on the topic of post-baby lifestyle that doesn’t have to be exhausting, feeling fat and tired. I want to show you all, that no matter how hard it is to be a mom, you can shape your life exactly as you want and I’ll be happy to help you with that!

I live in Dundee, Scotland with my techie and geeky husband (don’t tell him that though) and kids.

That is us in Monikie Park in Angus, Scotland.



And here are me and two of my wee ones in Camperdown Park in Dundee.



I love fitness and good food which I like to prepare myself and take the pictures of (yes most of the food pictures on my blog have been taken by me).

I am a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Coach but most of all I am a mum of two great kids. Motherhood is a wonderful experience. You give life, create it, you see your children grow, start crawling, walking running, riding bike. You see them discover wonders of the world, learn and have fun.

There is also a dark side of it not mentioned by media or by anyone else. Your body changes and it does not look like it used to look before. You will put on some weight, the fat tissue will be distributed differently and you might not feel that great. Also you have more things to squeeze into 24 hours daily schedule and often you feel you have to scarify “me” time and all the things you used to do for yourself. That can cause stress.

But….Don’t worry. That is all natural changes so the main thing is to accept them. There is no point complaining so just start working with yourself. You are beautiful and you must accept it. As to your schedule stop and plan as much as possible in advance and everything will be fine.


I am here to help you with effective fitness plan, a simple diet so you would have new wonderful life.

I’ll be posting regular free blog posts, teaching powerful strategies to change all different elements of your post pregnancy life and show you how to prepare for pregnancy.

I’ll also be releasing products, live training seminars and webinars, ready to help YOU to become fitter, happier and healthier.

I would like  to invite you to come on an amazing journey – we’re going to have a LOT of fun.


Here’s my mission statement at Mom’ Fitness Heaven:

“To help one million regular women lose weight, get fitter and healthier to truly enjoy life”

So whichever aspect of your life you would like to change we’ve got it covered!


I am SO excited and ready to help YOU change your life for the better.

Let’s do this.


Agata Kolaczyk 

Founder. Moms’ Fitness Heaven


Here is what some of my client say: 

Shona Anderson

Agata’s sessions are – in short, fun! Enjoyable. She teaches you to push yourself further than you think you can go, but she knows that once you’ve gone further, there is no stopping you, no going back.

Shona Anderson
Kaja Klimkiewicz

I would like to thank Agata for her great knowledge and dedication for what she is doing as a personal trainer. We were working together  for over a year and the effects are simply amazing. Thanks to all support and guidance, my dreams came true and I have become Miss World Poland 2016. Hopefully I am going to win the main event. Wish me luck! Vote up for Agata!

Kaja Klimkiewicz Miss World Poland 2016
Katleen Wood

With Agata’s continuous support, encouragement, advice and motivation my desire to become fitter took off! My passion for fitness grew and grew. I followed her from class to class. Squeezing in at least 8 – 10 sessions a week! Tried new things and listed to her tips. My shape change, my abilities grew and I lost inches around my problem “ass n hip area”. I became a small powerhouse!

Agata is very knowledgeable and likable at the same time taking time to correct form and making sure technically safe. The best trainer I’ve had. If you have not done her sessions, do it!

Katleen Wood


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