9 Things Your Mother Never Told You


9 Things Your Mother Never Told You

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Pregnancy it is something most of us women desire. The moment you find out you are pregnant is one of the best memories ever.


That day.


And it happened. Sunny day. Two blue lines in front of me. Can’t believe it.

I checked again…


One line= not pregnant

Two lines= pregnant


Pregnant. Yes, yes, yes. So happy. There are no words to describe how happy I was. The third thing I did I phoned my husband. Yep, we are going to be parents. For me it was special and precious. I had to go through a lot to get pregnant, I have lost a lot on the way, had to made many sacrifices. Yes, I was over the moon.


Everyone is keep telling you that you have whole 9 months to prepare and be organised before baby arrives. Only 9 months? It is not enough.


Pregnancy is the best experience for every woman. That I heard. If you ever lost a child in your life, or a pregnancy, pregnancy and fear of losing it again is terrifying. It can paralyse you. You are worrying about everything, scared to move, panicking when something unusual is happening. In your head is only one though- I am going to lose this baby again. I have been there too. I have lost twins during 23rd week of pregnancy.


I also remember 9 months of being exhausted, tired, excited.


I learned everything there is to know about pregnancy and a newborn, breastfeeding. I was ready.


I was ready.


I was so not ready. My baby had arrived early and so it begun. I am a mom.


From day one, I have realised that there are things that no mom will ever tell to her chid. I had to learn it by myself.


Nine things my mom never told me


  1. You made her cry…a lot


She cried when she found out she was pregnant.

She cried as she gave birth to you.

She cries when she holds you for the first time.

She cried with happiness, she cried with fear. She cried for every good and bad thing in your life. She cried more often than you could imagine. She cried because she deeply cares about you.

2.She is always worried


From the moment she found out she was pregnant she did everything she possibly could to protect you. She was afraid and terrified when you cut your finger. She was scared when you were sick. She was on her higher alert when someone else beside her was holding you. She stayed up late to make sure you are safe back home. She got up early to walk you to school every day. She was holding your hand when you were unwell and sat by your side whole night when you were scared.

3. She will share


She will give you hers favourite chocolate pie slice, when you look at her with those big cat eyes. She will give you whole world just to make you happy.

4. It is painful



It hurts when you pulled her hair, when you jumped on her, when you accidentally kicked her during playtime. It hurts when you grabbed her face with nails sharp like needles. She was sore every time you have kicked her ribs during pregnancy and her body was in unbelievable pain when she gave birth to you. She can take pain. She is stronger than you think and she will never complain.

 5. She is always watching


She would stay awake long hours, waiting for you to fall asleep. She would wait patiently even though she would struggle to keep her eyes open. The moment you finely would fall asleep, one look at your calm chubby face, sound of your steady breath will take her tiredness away. She would still sit by your side, just to watch you as you sleep, and she would smile, she will be happy.

6. It brakes her heart every time you cry


It does not matter if you cry because of bleeding knee, spilled milk, or because of your first boyfriend disappointment. Her heart will hurt and if she will not be able to stop your tears, her heart will shatter into million pieces.

7. She holds you forever


She will carry you for nine months of the pregnancy and then she will hold you tight again while she is cleaning, cooking, when she ate, brasher her hair. She learns how to do these things with you attached to her and she will not let you go. She does not mind even if her back is sore.

 8. You are number one


She will drink her coffee cold; eat cold meals as the last one. She will go without shower or without sleep. She does not mind her being messy and her favourite clothes being stained by food. You will always be first. She would spend all day carrying for you, do anything to make you happy and smile, and on the end of the day, she will be so tired that will fall asleep immediately. It does not matter. She will do it again tomorrow because you are her number one.

9. She will do it again


Being a mom is the hardest job out there. It is demanding, 24/7, it hurts, worries, will leave her tired. |She cries and is worried all the time. She is always on your higher alert, but she will do it again. It brings her joy, happiness, more than you could imagine. Being your mom makes her proud, gives her incredible boost of energy and strength every day. She will do it all over again, because you are her number one and you always will be no matter how old are you.

She will be there for you. This Mother Day or any random days tell her how much you love her. Hearing ”mom, I love you” means more to her than anything else in the world. She is your mom.


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