7 Natural Sunburn Treatments

7 Natural Sunburn Treatments

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In the majority of countries summer will start from July. Yey. It means freedom, more free time, fun and a lot of sun. After a whole year of wearing long sleeve and long leg clothing covering our bodies finely you can wear less.


It feels amazing when sun is kissing your skin. With that pleasure also comes a danger of sunburns. Sunburn can literally ruin your time off by forcing you to stay indoors.

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It may happen to anyone and more likely to people who have not been exposed to sun for most of the year. Yes, that will be most of working nation.


So let say it has happened to you and you ended up with sunburn which is so bad that you can’t even put your clothes on. Your skin feels like it is on fir, literally. There is still hope for you.


Here are the best 7 home solutions for sunburns


  1. Get it cold


Cold bath or shower seems to work the best and it is also can be applied fast, is effective and let’s be honest, feels amazing. Cooling down your skin reduces stinging sensation and redness. There is a small chance that you will not look like a lobster for the rest of yours holidays.


After shower, keep it light. No skin-tight clothes. Use light, oversized clothes made of cotton. Air will circulate and further cool down your body.


  1. Cold compresses


Night time is the worst. Majority of sunburns happens to back. So what to do when you want to lie down and your skin feels like it is on fire?

  • Sleep on your belly and apply cold compresses to the worst areas
  • Use ice packs, wrap them in thin layer of material and place on burned skin. That way you will minimise the mess and you can have decent night sleep

3. Kefir


This is something my grandma was using on any of us when we got sunburns. Have to say it is absolutely amazing. Applying cold kefir on burned skin makes all the difference. In the matter of few seconds;

  • pain is gone
  • stinging is gone
  • skin feels soft and flexible
  • body cools down fast
  • moistures skin


  1. Oatmeal’s


That is another grandma’s sunburn remedy. It is highly effective too.

Oatmeal will;


  • reduce itchiness
  • reduce irritation
  • speed-up healing process
  • moisture your skin


Two ways of doing it;


  • Take cold oatmeal bath. In a mixing bowl soak oats to make them soft. When ready, put into a bath. Lie down in it for 30 minutes. When done wash it down with cold water. The best way is to leave your skin to dry up on its own.
  • Second way is to apply oats ‘pulp’ onto burn area and leave it for 20 minutes or so.


  1. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is known of its healing remedies. If you don’t have fresh plant at home use any moisturiser with high concentration of aloe Vera in it.

If you use fresh aloe Vera place some fresh juice on burned surface. Aloe Vera is known because of its anaesthetic components.


  1. Drink and Hydrate

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Your skin is burning and there is no better way to stop fire like to use water on it. Hydrate your body from inside by drinking icy cold water to lower your body temperature.

7. Cucumber compress


Cucumber is known for its antioxidant solutions. Cool down your cucumber in the freezer for a while and then blend it in a blender until smooth. Apply cucumber pulp on burned skin.


Sunburns may happen to anyone, anytime. You can get one during walking your dog, cutting grass or chatting to your neighbour for a moment. You are in greater danger if your skin is naturally pale or sensitive.

Wear hats, cover yourself with light clothing and stay in shades. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


What about you, do you know any good ways to fight sunburns?


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