Would you like to eat whatever you want and loose weight? Yes? Great- the first step for you is to remember:


Diets are the biggest enemy of weight loss!


It is true. It has been proven in many researches that people on a diet are more likely to put on more weight than anyone who never been on one.


 There is a pattern in every diet;

  • you start your diet
  • you will loose some weight
  • your weight will stop going down at some point and you won’t be able to loose more no matter what
  • you will start gaining weight
  • you will ditch diet number 1 and start another
  • all process will repeat again


Sounds familiar? If you have ever been in similar situation, remember now:


“Diets are no good. Forget about them. Forever.”


If you are a mom desperately trying to loose baby weight, been on dozens of not working diets here is something you should read. You can loose weight and still eat everything you desire. How?


Just follow this 7 weight loss rules;


  1. Eat when you are hungry


So simple. Eat only when you are actually hungry. Eating when you are just bored or watching TV, or because others are eating is called snacking and this is the main reason why you are unable to loose weight.

2. Eat whatever you want


Yes, as long as you follow rule number one. Pick whatever you want and eat, slowly, enjoying every bite. Your every meal should be about celebrating food.

I am always saying to my clients: “Eat every meal, like it is the last meal in your life, make it special”.

 3. Appreciate your food


As it is pointed above – enjoy your meals, celebrate and be aware what you are eating. Start from looking at it, make it look tasty and special, and then smell it. Appreciate it. Then taste it one bite at the time. Feel food texture.


4. Stop eating when hunger feeling is gone


Dear ladies, mom’s, never ever eat because you feel one of the following;


  • you don’t want to waste your food
  • there is some left on the plate
  • because you paid for it and you are not going to leave it


If you feel like this, wrap it up and put in the fridge for next day, or simply put less on the plate next time. Your brain will send you message when it is time to stop eating. Don’t ignore it.

5. Plan your meals ahead


If you plan what to eat carefully it is less likely that you will go for a quick fix food. I have rules in my house regarding food preparing and planning;

  • I plan meals for whole week
  • I always make shopping list
  • I always, always, always STICK TO THE SHOPPING LIST (Idea initiated by my husband)
  • Cook what you have planned


Trust me those work. Planning prevents poor performance.

6. Drink water



Water is powerful tool in loosing weight process, especially cool water. It helps you suppress hunger and by drinking before and during meals it will help you to actually eat less. You don’t have to drink plain water. Add some fruits and herbs to it to give it a flavour. Try to avoid fizzy drinks.

7. Exercise

exercises moms fitness heaven

I know how hard it is to find a moment to exercise when you are mom. Instead of forcing yourself to go to a gym exercise at home. Pick 10 – 30 minute workouts focused on parts that you want to improve. Walk with your kids, move around the house. Seriously, every little counts.

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