5 Secret Moves to Target Your Mommy Tummy

5 Secret Moves to Target Your Mommy Tummy

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Beautiful bodies few days after having a baby with no sign of pregnancy – that’s the image of new moms that magazines are creating. We are bombard with photos and info that getting flat tummy and body of a goddess within few days from labour is a norm. Dear ladies, how much of it is true and how much a Photoshop work?


Real women have curves and their belly needs time to go down after pregnancy. Stop comparing yourself to those celebrity moms on magazine covers. For once professionals made those pictures. They know how to manipulate light to make you look slimmer, they know how to make you pose so your tummy look almost perfect, and most of all they use Photoshop.


They are fake – you are not. Be yourself and love your body and take gentle approach.


Why my belly is huge?


  1. Diastrasis


You might still have your muscles separated after being pregnant. Diastrasis is easy to check. Lie on your back and fill space on your belly just above belly button with your fingers. If it is wider than two fingers, give it some more time to heal and to get back to norm.


TIP; you can do gentle exercises even on your belly. Make sure that you do not do any king of sit-up exercises.

2.Target your whole core


Yes, your core is not just your abs muscles (six-pack). There is more. Imagine a body. Chop of head, arms, and legs. Whatever is left is a call core. The biggest mistake people are making trying to get flatten tummy is to focus just on front of their bodies. Target all of it. Back, abs and butt muscles. They are a team.

3.Love cardio


You have been working hard in the gym, sweating and doing your best to sculpt your body, but can you see your six-pack? It is in there, just hidden under that soft layer of fat around your waist.

To get rid of that, you need to burn fatty tissue and the best way to do it is by introducing cardio workout. Not every cardio will burn fat the same.


To successfully burn you need to;

  • do intense 30 minute cardio workout
  • walking, swimming, gardening or house work will increase your fitness level but will not burn much of fat
  • think intervals, boot camp, circuit training
  • minimum rest time with maximum work
  • do it 3 times a week
  • mix your cardio with strength training
  • think one exercise targeting large muscle group- burpees, mountain climber, tuck jumps

4.Love greens

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Follow green diet and eat as much fresh food as you can. Introduce foods that boost your metabolism. You can find more info about metabolism boosting food in here;



5. 5 abs exercises you need to know to succeed


  • Wait with your abs exercises until your physician will give you permission to start your training
  • Take it one-step at the time. Take lower number of repetitions at first and as you feel stronger do more.
  • Please moderate your exercises. There is at least few options for every one of them

Your golden 5 flat tummy exercises

  1. plank
  2. scissors
  3. Russian twists
  4. side crunch
  5. legs drop


How to make them most effective?


  • You have to do them for ten minutes
  • 30 seconds each exercise
  • Go as far as you can without a break
  • If you need to rest- 30 seconds maximum


Dear moms, losing belly fat is really big task especially after pregnancy. Give yourself time to recover and listen to your body. Gentle approach is the best solution so be patient, enjoy being a mom and the rest will come. Are you going to start from today?

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