5 Ideas to Burn Fat While Playing

5 Ideas to Burn Fat While Playing


Hip hip hurray. We all had some time off and it felt amazing. Days are still long and warm so why not to take advantage of it. Play outside. Have fun. After a week-long work and stressful tasks it is time to relax and recharge batteries. Do things that you love the most.


You do not have idea how to start and what to do? Here are a few ideas how to combine fun with calorie burning.


  1. Dance baby, dance till the morning


In the evening, during the day, all the time, dance, dance, and dance. It does not matter if you still have some holidays left or you don’t have anything. Wherever you will go, wherever you live you can find dance lessons there.


Join them, grab hot looking guy and move around.

You are on family holidays- involve everyone. Dance with your kids. They are going to love it and you will melt calories down like crazy.


If you can’t dance, no worries, just wiggle your hips.


Dancing with your husband is more like a date and not training. 40 minutes on dance floor will give you more than Zumba class but is more fun.

 Dancing- 60 minutes= 300 calories


  1. Bowling


Go bowling with your love ones. Make it fun! Maybe a small competition? The looser team will do dishes for a week.

Even though it may look like you are not doing much you are. Lifting heavy bowl, throwing it and laughing is still an exercise.

 Bowling – 60 minutes= 190 calories


  1. Playground


That is my favourite. Usually we are trying to pick playground which is not crowded (it is not easy task at all). One there we all go wild. Who said playground is only for the kids?


When was the last time you were sliding or on the swing or climbing?

If you can’t remember it is time to change it. Don’t just sit and watch your kids play- get involved.


TIP! Wear something comfy so you can run. The best is gym gear.


Once there you may even do few exercises on your own. Simple push ups, pull ups, dips, squats or lunges. Use equipment around you and be creative. Have fun.

Playing- 60 minutes = 324 calories

  1. Beach trip




This is the last chance before the cold weather hits. If you haven’t been on the beach with kids yet, go this weekend.


Grab a picnic basket packed with healthy snacks, take all accessories you can find and go wild.


  • play Frisbee- 60 minutes=150 calories
  • dig massive hole (amazing muscle workout plus calorie killer) – 60 minutes= 554 calories
  • run crazy on the sand – 60 minutes=800 calories
  • run in the water- 60 minutes=650 calories
  • jump
  • play ball- 60 minutes=484 calories
  • roll
  • build sand castle

beach f


  1. Skipping



It was probably an essence of our youth.  We all did it. Day after day, jumping in the million ways. Rope jumping is a brilliant way to burn extra fat, wake up your metabolism and turn everything up.


How can you say no to skipping. It is so much fun. The plus side is that even after minutes of skipping it you don’t feel tired and your fat will melt. Yey!


skipping-60 minutes=666 calories

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