30 Minute Cardio And Strength Training For Busy Moms

30 Minute Cardio And Strength Training For Busy Moms

 Because we all want great bodies 




Busy mom’s perfect and quick 30 minutes cardio and strength training. That is how long it takes you to perform it. Ideal on the treadmill but you can do your intervals just anywhere. Instead of treadmill run outdoor, uphill, have fun with speed and intensity.

I have designed this program specially for one of my students and because it is very easy to follow I decided to share it.

Just to let you know just after two weeks she said: “Been doing your 30 min gym programme and already see the benefits!- guns and leaner thighs coming my way!-your awesome thank u!”



Equipment is not necessary. If you are outdoor (optional: take with you resistance band – they can fit in your jumper pocket).




Free Weight 5-10 pounds (2.5-5 kg). You can use heavier weights if you want.

Exercise mat



Perform the program once every second day.


Treadmill   (warm-up) 0-5 minutes

0-1   minute easy jog — speed 5.0-6.0 (treadmill speed)

1-2    minute run    — speed 6.0-7.0

2-3    minute jog — 6.0

3-4   minute run   — 6.0-7.0

4-5   minute fast run — 7.0+


Pause it and go on the floor for weights (time 5-10 minutes)


5-6 minute — squat with front rises


6-7 minute — overhead press


7-8 minute — walking low lunges with bicep curls


8-9 minute — overhead extensions or bench dips


9-10 minutes — pres-ups



Back on treadmill for part 2   (time 10-15 minutes)


10-11 minutes — run 6.0 speed + 2 % incline


11-12 minutes — run 6.0 speed +7% incline


12-13 minutes — run 6.0 speed +5% incline

13-14 minutes — run 6.0 speed + 9% incline


14-15 minutes — run 6.0 speed + 10% incline



Back on the floor for strength part 2 (time 15-20 minutes)



15-16 minutes — side rises


16-17 minutes — steady low squat (hold it still) + 30 seconds steady front raise, hold and then 30 second side raise, and hold again


17-18 minutes — on the mat — Russian twists with weights (legs on the floor or in the air)


18-19 minutes — flutter kicks


19-20 minutes — plank



Back on treadmill for part 3 (time 20-25 minutes)



20-21 minutes — fast jog      7.0 speed


21-22 minutes — sprint run      8.0 + as fast as you can


22-23 minutes — sprint          7.0-8.0


23-24 minutes — run               6.5-8.0


24-25 minutes — sprint          8.0+ as fast as




Back on the floor for more strength (time 25-30 minutes)


25-26 minutes — v-sit position hold with weights in hands in front at shoulder level


26-27 minutes — side plank with hips lift –30 seconds on each leg and keep your legs split apart, top leg in front of bottom one, hips in line


27-28 minutes — on belly back extensions with weight held in both hands in front of you — only if your back is fine and pain free


28-29 minutes — donkey kicks — you can try to place weight under bend knee and hold it tight while performing kicks


29-30 minutes —  hip thrusts — with weight held on knees, place back against step or power plate, weight on knees, legs hip distance apart …and lift lips high up to hips level



This program was design for one of busy mom’s. It saves time and at the same time it  includes everything necessary for toning, burning calories and improving stamina.


If you would like for something similar that will suit your individual needs, please let me know and we can work it out. 🙂

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