30 Days To Loose Baby Weight

30 Days To Loose Baby Weight


All my life i have been really slim. You think, how lucky. Not to me. All I can remember from my childhood and teenage years is how awful and painful it was for me to find right clothes. Every pair of shoes made my skinny legs look ridiculous. Did I mention I had no boobs? I was so ashamed of that. All of that because I was really slim. Years later, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries syndrome, and hade huge problem getting pregnant. Uncounted number of visits to hospital, treatments, injections and a lot of extra body weight. All of that because of hormonal imbalance. I was depressed. One day my fitness adventure began and everything went from from bad to perfect. Now I am mom of two healthy kids, happier than ever before. What at beginning of that journey was a treatment to my condition has become my lifestyle. I exercise because I love it. Remember, few situations few weeks after I had my second baby, when someone looked at me up and down saying “you are so lucky to look like this after baby”. Hear me out, “Luck” have nothing to do with the way I look now. I have to work hard to look healthy. I am not skinny, I am toned. There is no secret formula to what I have achieved. It is like a fight- welcome to the front line.

Pre- pregnancy

Life thought me one very important lesson. How you used to look before pregnancy u would like to look after pregnancy, are two different things. With commitment, clean eating you might get back to your pre- pregnancy look. My point is if before baby you were a little overweight, you might struggle to get to supermodel look after baby. Take my advice and get fitter before you will get pregnant.




Staying active during both of my pregnancies was easy to me. I was exercising six days a week until due day. I know I am a little different than most of pregnant women, because I am fitness instructor. Well yes, and no. as every pregnant woman I had to modify my workouts, so they were safe for baby and myself. I had to take easier options, step down with intensity and eat snack when necessary. I used to eat tones of fruits and vegetables, cooked poultry and drink minimum of 2 litres of water daily. I felt amazing. Not a single day I felt sick, or tired, over exercised. You have to find right balance. Never start something new after getting pregnant. Stick to the things your body is familiar with. Starting new workout, classes for first time might be dangerous. That is why it is important to start before you will plan a baby.

 Your goal for pregnancy is simple: eat clean, exercise and your weight will stay in norm.


Post- pregnancy


It took me exactly one month to loose my baby weight after pregnancy. Trust me I have done nothing special, quite opposite. Because I had back pain after both of my deliveries, I had to take it slower. Therefore, I have focused on baby, resting and eating healthy. I was not moving much, just around the house but it was enough. And as a perfect patient I have waited with heavier exercises for 6 weeks. For me that first month, was about healthy eating and drinking a lot. All for the baby. All of my meals were created with though that it has to be ok while I am breastfeeding. Most of food at that time was in form of fruit and vegetable smoothie with nuts. Trust me just by doing this my body weight came back to start point. After 6 weeks, I began more intense exercises again, and toned my body.

During my work as a fitness instructor, I have met many moms months and years after having a baby. What they all had in common is unclean diet during and after pregnancy. That led them to extra pounds on scale and later frustration. If you are more in that second group, don’t worry. You can still loose all of it. You just have to remember one thing: you perfect body is made =97% in kitchen + 3 % exercises. You have also remember that it is easier to bounce back after first baby. With every other, one you will need some extra time.


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