20- Minute Busy Moms Workout

20- Minute Busy Moms Workout


Let me ask you something. Has it ever happened to you that you move extremely slowly from one exercise to other? Do you take time before starting new move or set? Have you caught yourself starting chatting with someone for a long time before continuing? Or simply, going to have a drink from a water fountain located on the opposite side even though there are at least five other ones closer?

Those are excuses, time stealers and workout killers.


This is probably why it takes you so long to finish your workout and this is why it is not working. You are not challenging your muscles hard enough. Why you are even in the gym then?


You are cheating on yourself. Shame on you.




Sharpen your body and mind. Workout that usually takes you over an hour may take you no longer than 30 minutes.

I guess it is worth trying.


Get your favourite music on phone, focus and take action.


Try performing this workout with maximum power, strength, 100% of your capability. The more repetition you can squeeze in one minute time, the better the outcome.


Rest time is also one minute. Forget about sitting though. Your one minute rest time is going to be very light cardio like; stationary bike, jog in the spot.

Keep it light.

When one minute of rest is close to its end get back to your next exercise position and get 100% from first repetition. Do as many reps as you can do in one minute.


TIP! If you don’t want to lose your momentum, count how many times you have managed to perform particular exercise. When next round comes around, try to stick to the same number or make it higher.


Keeping track on the numbers is also great indicator of your progress.


You will be able to notice body shape change really fast.


FACT! Exercising with high intensity will take your thoughts away from any distractions


Great news is it will take you only 20-30 minutes to perform this workout which means you can perform it only once a week and enjoying great results.


Still not convinced? What if I tell you, you will be able to burn from 10 kcal per minute and keep burning hours after you finish?


There is only one rule; give 100%


Start with 5 minute warm-up


Your main workout;


  1. Low squat punch – one minute fast, intense


Jog on the spot- low intensity for one minute


  1. Jumping lunges– 30 seconds for each leg

lunge 11

Cycling – slow for one minute


  1. Push-ups – one minute

push up momsfitnessheaven



  1. Tuck jumps




  1. Side to side double leg jumps- fast, small jumps




  1. Lunge and kick

kick 211



Easy run


  1. Russian twist

0twist moms




  1. Mountain climbers

park 11




  1. Low squat pulsing


High knee walk


  1. Scissors




Cool down – 10 minutes

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