15-Minute Towel Butt Workout

15-Minute Towel Butt Workout

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A towel and a hard floor are all you need for his butt-blasting workout. Dear moms, ladies you don’t have to go to the gym and sweat for hours to get results. You can get better result by doing this 15- minute routine in your home. Are you in? Let’s go then.

Find hard floor space at your home, get old towel and set your timer for 15 minutes.

Rules. Yes, they are rules.


  1. set timer for 15 minutes
  2. perform each exercise 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds
  3. when you finish your 5th exercise, go to the first one and repeat whole process all over again


TIP;   beginners – start with 40 seconds exercises and 20 seconds rest time. That will be perfect for a start.


Your exercises:


  1. Low Lunge Walk

low lunge walk momsfitnessheaven

Get into lunge position (look at the picture), keep hands high. Without getting your hips any higher, switch your legs. It is like low walk.


2. Side Leg Slide

side towel slide momsfitnessheaven

Place one of your legs on folded towel. Keep hands high, lower your hips. Slide leg with towel to the side, lowering your hips at the same time. Slide it back. Repeat.

3. Double Leg Slide

legs slide momsfitnessheaven

Lie down on your back, place both feet on folded towel. Slowly slide legs with towel forward (don’t go completely down), then return. Repeat.

4. Cross-over Lunge

cross-over lunge

You can switch towel for a weight in this one. Stand with your legs hip distance apart. Keep weight in your hands in front of your chest. Now lower your body so both of your legs are bend.

Perform forward lunge with right leg. Instead of going in straight line, steps your leg to the 45-degree angle (cross your legs- look at picture). Keep low position, come back to the start position and repeat with left leg.

 5. Sliding mountain climber


You perform traditional mountain climber, but instead of run you slide your legs.


This routine is perfect and effective. Quick, time saving and you can perform it during commercial brake while watching your favourite tv show.

I hope you will fall in love with this routine as I did. Let us, moms, know how you have managed with it. Have you felt anything?


For best result, perform this routine 3 times a week.

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