15 Abs Exercises that Aren’t Crunches

15 Abs Exercises that Aren’t Crunches

 0my plank

When it comes to abs exercises the first thing that comes to your mind is doing crunches. You should know that crunches are probably the worst and less effective exercise for abs out there. Yes, they are “famous”, but not the best. Plus, most of us hate doing them, including me.

Here is top 5 complains I heard in 15 years from people when it comes to crunches;

  1. They are boring … yeah, they are!
  2. My neck is sore
  3. My back is sore
  4. I cant do them, my body will not leave the ground
  5. I am doing 100 + every day and can’t see my abs

All true.

Crunches are also number one red zone abs exercises. You should know that the most of back injuries, neck pains, shoulder cramps and more happens during crunching.

They are also big no, no if you are a new mom or your abs are not back in the place after childbirth.

There are many more exercises out there that are more effective and safer than crunches.

I present you my top 15 favorites.

  1. Side plank

sideplank moms

2. Hover

 0my plank3. Walking on spot



 4. V-sit

0vsit m5. Russian twist

0twist moms6. Double leg drop

 0doublelegdrop7. Push- ups

 push up momsfitnessheaven8. Mountain climber

0mountain climber

 9. Burpees

 10. Spiderman’s




12. Push-up shoulder touch

pushup shoulder touch


13. 1 2 3 Haisman

haismans momsfitnessheaven

14. Tuck jumps 


tuck jump z15. Side to side jumps


jumps momsfitnessheaven


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