12 Steps to Getting Your Pre Baby Body Back

12 Steps to Getting Your Pre Baby Body Back

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Hard part is behind you! You have survived labour and now you are a proud mom. Is the hard really part over or is it just a start? I will put it this way, if you have no idea how to lose your pregnancy pounds the next year might be a nightmare.


If you are one of moms who have no idea where to start, keep reading as I am going to share with you 12 secret ways to get your pre pregnancy body back fast and effective.


Your 12 secret steps to slim body

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There is no better motivation to exercise than your reflection in the mirror that you are not happy with. It is so disappointing to see that “massive” baby belly out there days after childbirth.


We all have imagined and pictured ourselves with perfectly slim bodies’ week after having baby. Don’t you love day dreaming, ladies?

There are some of us that will get that “body” fast (lucky ones) but for us (normal people) reality is more brutal.


  1. Breath and wait

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Now hear me out, first and the most important thing for you to do after childbirth is …to take a step back.


FACT! Your body needs minimum of 6 weeks to heal, to recover and to get stronger.


If you will do too much too soon, you may hurt yourself.

2. Breastfeed to shred pounds exercise less


It is a Godsend weapon against fat for new moms. During breastfeeding you not only bond with your baby, but also your body uses stored fat faster. Producing milk requires a lot of energy and calories. You will be allowed to eat more to produce milk, but also you will burn even up to 500 calories daily. And that is just by breastfeeding, no exercises required. Amazing, isn’t it?


3. Your first cardio


At some point you will have to start moving to speed up fat burning process. Don’t wait forever. Take your new-born and go for a walk around your neighbourhood. Walking with pram will be a good start and you can use it to introduce your baby to your neighbours.


When walking, have fun mixing different speeds. Walk faster for a moment and then slower. That will be your first interval training. You know what? There is even more exercises you could before you even think about going to a gym;

  • dancing with your baby around the house
  • do simple exercises with your baby: squats, lunges, gentle twist, walking stairs
  • join mom-baby classes

4. First abs


Do you know that you could start working on your abs from the day one after labour? No, not a crunches or sit-ups. Those may harm you.

Start with;
Week 1-2 – Kegel exercises

Week 3-4 – leg sliding, low bridge, 90-degree lift, heels slide, side plank lift

Week 5 -6 –  cycling, heel slide, hips lift, Russian twist, walking mountain climber, rolling plank

Week 7-10 – double leg drop, cycling, plank, side plank, toe touch, rolling plank


Before you do any of those check with your GP that there are no red flags for you to do those.

5. Discover your thing

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Just because you have read that you should exercise to the latest DVD routine, it does not mean it is for you. First, think about what physical activities you would fancy doing and just do it. Sounds like Nike advert, isn’t it?

You love dancing so perform 10-minute long dance based exercises

You are more weight girl – grab bag of sugar or flour and do some squatting

Don’t force yourself into anything. Even 10- minutes a day will do for a start. When your baby starts sleeping more regularly you can make your exercises session longer.

6. Help highly appreciated

You are not a wonder woman so schedule “me time”. Involve your husband. Make time for exercise for every day and write it down in your calendar. Once he knows when and for how long you want to train he can step in to look after a baby. It doesn’t have to be exercise time. You may use it to go to hairdresser, or to prepare healthier dish for yourself, just anything you would appreciate.

7. Eat your way to slimmer body

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Diets are evil and not for you. The moment you decide to go on a diet, any diet, you are sabotaging your weight loss. Enjoy your food and choose right one to stay strong. To lose weight, eat lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grains and ‘good’ fats.

8. Stay hydrated

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Water is your secret weapon in uneven fight against fat, but shush and don’t tell anyone. If you want to lose weight drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water every day. You will detox, hydrate, boost metabolism, lower hunger and ‘flush out’ fat.

 9. Rest time is the best time

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You have probably heard, how important is getting enough sleep. It is scientifically proven that lack of sleep will get you stressed, cranky, tired and snacking more. The less sleep you get, the more likely it is that you will make wrong eating choices.

10. Love your body

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The moment you accept your new body, the sooner it will actually change the way you want. It is proven that women who have accepted post-baby body are more relaxed. That helps them to make right choices and they are more likely to enjoy exercising too.


 11.Patients Ladies


It has been long 9 months your belly was growing, so don’t expect it to disappear in just a few weeks. There will be times, when weight will drop faster and then it will stop for a moment. It is normal, so don’t stress out about it. Be patient.

 12. Love your new life

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Your life has changed, you are a mom, wife, partner, your baby’s idol so enjoy your new life with the new challenges, because at the end of the day your family is what’s truly matters. They love you no matter what bathroom scale shows. You are foundation of the family, you are the leader and you are amazing.


That simple. you are first and the most important. Are you ready to take first step- or maybe you are already half way there?

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