101 Nutrition Tips

101 Nutrition Tips

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  1. Choose Low GI bread; whole grain bread, rye bread, linseed bread
  2. Choose oat based food like porridge, high-bran cereals
  3. Choose basmati rice over white or brown rice
  4. Boiled new potatoes in their skin are better than baked potatoes or instant mashed potatoes
  5. The highest GI fruit are watermelon, Lychee and Fruit juice
  6. Focus on green vegetables
  7. 50% of your daily energy should come from carbohydrates
  8. Eat wide range of food
  9. Include plenty of fresh and vegetables on daily basis
  10. Choose local produce of known origin
  11. Frozen vegetables retain higher nutrient content the fresh ones
  12. Steam food rather than cooking it as cooking destroys vitamin and mineral content
  13. Choose whole or unprocessed food over refined food
  14. Eat less sugar and refined sugars
  15. Aim for 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day
  16. Decrease salt intake
  17. Drink more water
  18. Cut down on diuretics like caffeine and alcohol
  19. Include in your diet non-animal protein such as nuts, beans, pulses
  20. Base your food on unrefined starchy food
  21. Eat more fish
  22. Cut on saturated fat and sugar
  23. Get active and try to be a healthy weight
  24. Don’t skip breakfast
  25. Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta should be 33% of your daily food intake
  26. Choose unrefined carbohydrates- whole grains, fibre rich
  27. Skip white bread, flour, pasta, white rice
  28. Choose grains like barley, millet, spelt, quinoa, whole grain rice
  29. Include brightly coloured fruits and vegetables
  30. Oily fish is the best
  31. Try not to consume entire protein intake from meat or animal products
  32. Be aware of protein sizes as they can be high in fat
  33. Choose snacks rich in seeds, dried fruits and nuts
  34. Try steaming or grilling food instead of frying
  35. If frying use an oil spray
  36. Eliminate butter from sandwiches
  37. Limit thick creamy sauces- opt tomato-based sauces instead
  38. Use skimmed milk instead of full or semi-skimmed
  39. Instead of mayonnaise use low fat yogurt
  40. Use visible fat and skin off meat
  41. Spread food intake through out the day rather than eating more in the afternoon and evening
  42. Aim to consume light meal two hours before training or large one four hours before
  43. Refuel after training
  44. Don’t substitute fruit juices for whole fruits
  45. read the nutrition labels carefully on every product
  46. Never cut any food group out of your diet
  47. Eat every two –three hours
  48. Exercise is as important as the food you are eating
  49. Cut back on margarine, sunflower oil
  50. Olive oil is perfect for salads
  51. Make your own desserts rather than buying them
  52. Consume oily fish at least twice a week
  53. Go easy on diary products- especially full fat ones
  54. Skip cheese in your meals to lower calories intake
  55. Add metabolism boosting food and spices in your menu
  56. Keep moving after eating-walk
  57. Wait at least 30 minutes after lunch/dinner before you will have a dessert
  58. Choose raw carrots over cook ones
  59. Don’t cut calories and don’t starve yourself
  60. Garlic is amazing metabolism booster
  61. Cinnamon, ginger, lemon, pepper will speed up your burning
  62. Choose honey over sugar
  63. Eat slowly
  64. Plan your meals ahead
  65. Never food shop hungry
  66. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables
  67. Pack healthy snacks
  68. Prep your own meals for work
  69. Don’t buy food with more than ten ingredients
  70. Choose green labelled food over red and orange
  71. Herbs can help your metabolism
  72. Icy cold drinks will make you burn more calories
  73. Eat spicy food
  74. Eat only when you are hungry
  75. Stop eating when hunger feeling is gone
  76. Don’t eat in front of TV
  77. Include salad in every lunch/dinner
  78. Eat on small plate
  79. Never eat while moving-sit down
  80. Go easy on peanut butter
  81. Skip any food with TV commercial
  82. Don’t ever go on any diet
  83. Low GI diet can help control appetite, delay hunger
  84. Include lots of berries in your menu
  85. Choose dark chocolate over milk one
  86. If travelling a lot get protein bars for snacks
  87. Order burgers without special sauces
  88. Try side salad instead of chips
  89. Fish and chips are highest food fat choices
  90. Avoid deep fried food when eating out
  91. Avoid bloating foods
  92. Flax seed are amazing addition to your meals
  93. Cottage cheese is great source of protein
  94. Don’t exercise right after eating
  95. Mix healthy, balanced diet with exercises
  96. Add baked beans to baked potatoes to make its GI lower
  97. Salmon, taut and mackerel are the best fish options
  98. Use as little as possible whole eggs- focus on egg yolk
  99. Raw carrots are healthier than cooked ones
  100. Introduce healthy lifestyle to whole family
  101. Enjoy your food


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