10-minute lean Leg Yoga Workout

10-minute lean Leg Yoga Workout

Get toned and strong with this yoga inspired leg-toning sequence.

 lean legs workout

Dear ladies, you might think that yoga is only for elderly, slow, unfit people. Let me tell you something. Yoga based workouts are one of the hardest out there. You might be fine to run long distance, perform successful weight training, but when you try yoga exercises you will suffer.


Many of participants from my classes, both men and women after trying yoga based training agreed that it was the hardest thing they ever came across. They described it as mind and breath calming experience but at the same time real muscle fight.


Yes, during yoga you will challenge your body and mind. It is low impact class. Positions are steady; you hold each of them up to 30 seconds, smoothly moving from one to the other. So, where is the challenge?

Oh, trust me there is. By keeping each position for 30 seconds you will definitely push your muscles to their limit. Be prepared for muscle shaking, burning and relaxation at the same time.


This is isometric kind of workout which means your muscles once set into a position will remain in it for set amount of time without moving.

I highly recommend this type of workout to anyone. It is safe during pregnancy and if you were performing it regularly up to due day, safe to reassume few weeks after childbirth.


New moms, make sure you have your doctor approval before you will jump into it.


What is so good about it?


  • you will have full body workout
  • you will tone and strengthen your body
  • you will discover muscles you had no idea existed
  • you will improve your fitness level in many ways
  • you will get amazing balance
  • you will relax
  • you will stretch
  • you will get amazing balance
  • you will burn a lot

Postpartum guide;

  • get your doctor approval before you start
  • hold each position as long as you can
  • modify the positions and take breaks
  • if it feels uncomfortable in any way, stop

How to do it;

  • hold each position 30 seconds
  • exercise in order; from exercise 1 to 4
  • repeat circle four times
  • breath deeply as you hold each pose


wide stance momsfitnessheaven

Wide stance- step legs wide, turn toes out, lower your hips. Go as low as you can- keep steady.


extended warrior 1 m momsfitnessheaven

Step one leg back with its heel lifted. Front toes pointing forward. Square your hips, lift chest, brace belly lift arms to over head. Now sit low with your hips- do not bend your back leg.


high warrior 1 momsfitnessheaven

Step your legs wide, front leg toes pointing forward while back leg slightly turn out. Lift chest arm at shoulder level. Turn your hips , tuck tail bone under and drop body lower without bending back leg.



low momsfitnessheaven

From previous position you will go lower. Place front arm on the inside part of your front foot while lifting back arm to over head. Lower hips, back leg straight.



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