10-minute Flat ABS Workout

10-minute Flat ABS Workout


Hello, it’s Agata here. How is your summer so far? Hope you all had chance to relax a little bit. I am taking advantage of last few days of warm August days by spending as much time as possible outdoor. I even do most of my workouts in the parks or football fields.

There is no limit and I am exercising pretty much anywhere I go. This abs workout I preformed in Local Park on picnic table (it was raining day before so grass was wet). Get creative and have fun.

Play day or a working out day? What about both at the same time. Viva free time, gorgeous summer weather and high motivation. Don’t waist your time inside the gym. I say ditch it and go outside. Take advantage of brilliant weather and do your workout outdoor.

Spend your time in the sun, with your friends and family in the local park or at sea side and do this express abs workout. No equipment necessary, just you.

Working out in higher temperatures (for example outside during warm, sunny day) can boost your metabolism. Exercises on the sand or grass are proven to be more effective than in the gym. Magic of the sun, nature and fresh air. So say bon voyage to fat around your belly and do this four amazing abs shredding exercises.


Your 10-minute Abs Workout;

1. Low legs V-sit up

abs moms

Look after your back by kipping your core strong. Relax shoulders. Keep this position for as long as you can. Go back to sitting up position and the repeat 2 more times.

If you would like to make it harder, lean back a little  more.

2. High Legs V-sit up. 


A little harder now. your start position will be the same like for exercise one. This time lift your legs of the ground, so your feet are at knee level. Try not to grab your legs.

Hold this position for as long as you can. Drop, have a moment of rest and repeat two more times.

3. Knee touch

abs moms 1

You can get lower now. bend your knees, place hands on the top of  legs and slide them towards your knees. Lift your head, upper back and shoulders of the ground. Crunch belly and go high.

this time touch your knees 15 times. few seconds rest and two more sets.

4. Toe touch

abs moms 3

Lift your legs up, keep them straight. lift upper back, head and shoulder of the ground. try to touch your toes with your fingers. 15 lifts in 3 rounds.

Keep drinking while exercising, especially during hot days. My favourite right now is water with a touch of fresh lemon and lavender. So good.

lavender m

So, so good.

lavender mk

Simple right? Get your fitness gear on and run to near by park for your fun day. Take it further and ask your family to take some pictures. Share with us; show us how you are having fun. Looking forward hearing from you.


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