10 Facts and Tips to Lean and Slim Body


10 Facts and Tips to Lean and Slim Body


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  1. lean body = high muscles + Low fat
  2. muscleswill grow properly if you will feed them right

protein chicken wrap moms fitnessheaven3. starving yourself will not get you lean body

4. to get stronger stop using machines and start using dumbbells and barbells

weight gym momsfitnessheaven5. it is almost impossible to create amazing body using ONLY machines

6. by focusing on the same exercises but changing weights you will be able to track your progress

7. focus on compound exercises like; squats, deadlift

8. focus on proteins to get fitter, stronger and slimmer

steak9. regular exercising increases your body need for more protein

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  1. it takes 3 months to either stick to exercises or to give up

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